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Clothing and dress Personalized Baby photo and first name

Give a body, a bib or a personalized baby shirt, embroidered or printed with a photo and a name. Pretty custom clothing for boy or girl.

Personalized Baby Clothing : The most popular

36,90 €

Opportunities to offer a personalized baby gift are numerous: his birth, his baptism, his first birthday, his first tooth, his first school year ... All events are good for the spoil and to please his parents. These are often present that we want to keep it long, to remember important moments. They are also present witnesses of the tenderness and love that everyone wears this newborn. To be original and make it even more unforgettable moments, why not personalize your gift?

Among our many products, you will find personalized baby clothes in many sizes and colors, as well as accessories, gifts that will make both useful and original everyday. Choose one that will best your message between the bodies, bibs, soft toys or diapers door.

The bodies are a classic, custom, they become unique. With sizes ranging from birth to twelve months, short or long sleeves, plain colors or stripes you will always find one that will go to the baby you want to spoil. To customize, download a nice portrait of him, a picture, or draw among the symbols that offers our wizard and add text as you wish. Other bodies are customized by embroidery. Compose your message, affectionate or humorous, a name, a date ... then choose the font, the color of the yarn and voila! If you prefer to offer complete kits, we offer cabinets with hat and booties look great.

Offer a personalized baby clothing, printed or embroidered, to please the parents and provide a unique memory newborn

The comforters are indispensable companions affection for babies. They comfort the big sorrows and are always there to cuddle. They pamper, to tamper, to chew ... We offer a range of cuddly soft, colorful and original effigy funny animals ladybug, owl, cat, rabbit, elephant, penguin, bear, cow Customize ... present your a beautiful embroidery, name of child, date of birth or message to offer a unique present. You'll find boxes of birth consist of a blanket, a rattle and a bracelet rattle specially adapted to small wrist of an infant. Perfect as a gift for a newborn!

Moms will appreciate receiving personalized gifts dedicated to their newborns and useful as wearing layers. This white pocket can store a dozen layers, ideal for traveling but also so that your nanny will ease your business. You will be able to customize your pocket with a color photo of the newborn or illustration; add text. You do not have a limit, in Gravissimo, fees customization offered.

Our clothes are compliant with EN71 European Safety Standard standard and are ideal for children from infancy. Side personalization, The embroidery is executed on professional and precise machines and text are reproduced faithfully. With our technical sublimation color, contrast and brightness are enhanced. Impregnation color pigments ensures resistant print washes.

Offer personalized baby clothing is guaranteed to stand out from others and touch your loved ones with a handmade gift. A new way to immortalize an important date, an event, a feeling ... Presents cheap for all budgets, available to Christmas, baptism, a birthday or just for fun.

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