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Custom PVC Forex chart printed with photo, text or logo

  • Ultra Lightweight foamed PVC.
  • Matte finish. Table can be attached to the wall
  • Edges for white monochrome design.
  • Adhesive pads supplied wall mounting.
  • 3-4 mm thick. Corrosion resistant
  • Delivered to you within 48 hours. Compliance with European standards printing
  • Comes with adhesive pads. Washable sponge
  • Inside and out Compatible /
pvc table example
Table ships in 48 hours
high quality forex

Table PVC Photo HD

16,89 €
PVC similar to Forex is the most sober among medium custom tables Gravissimo. We are seduced by its matt appearance which perfect the details of a picture, and its extreme lightness. Easy to transport and install, this support is all styles of interior design, while remaining in the minimalist trend. The fastening system adhesive pad, very discreet, provides a less bulky and more sober decoration. The stability of matter in time and quality of the inks used by French workshops Gravissimo guarantee your photo table PVC an indefinite life. That's a great idea to gift decorative quality. Characteristics of PVC foam - white expanded PVC, 3mm thick - Printing with UV ink, bright colors - Support extremely light - attachment system with round stickers - Resistant to UV exposure and water - inside and out Compatible /
Table PVC Photo HD - 20 x 20 cm

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Table PVC Photo Pop Art

16,89 €
As Warhol Hamilton in the sixties, join the movement of Popular Art creating your turn at the table photo toned style, like serigraphs Pope of Pop. In this table PVC, you will add not 1 but 4 pictures, for each of which it will be possible to define a different style. Pop Art Software Gravissimo will serve Silver Factory and allow you to choose from more than 97 Pop Art effect, or switch to "Do It Yourself" profile with 4 colors for each shot. Printing on PVC offers one made remarkable smooth but dull. Light as a feather, this personalized support will be easy to install on a wall with a simple mounting system adhesive pad. Choose this unusual gift for decorating your bedroom or living room. For Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, innovate and surprise your mom or your darling (e). PVC Features: - white expanded PVC, 3 mm thick - Printing with UV ink, bright colors Pop Art - Pop Art Over 97 effects to choose or call in DIY fashion - extremely light support - Fasteners with adhesive pads - resistant to UV exposure and water - inside / outside Compatible
Table PVC Photo Pop Art - 20 x 20 cm

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Your table design PVC foam with your photo

This expanded PVC panel has the distinction of being made of a white plastic end 4mm thick for an excessively matted. Its rigid structure allows the table to adjust picture both indoors and outdoors. Its lightness, fineness and uniform surface are its main advantages. This custom PVC table will adorn your walls for decoration design easy to install using adhesive pads supplied.

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