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Plexiglass custom table printed with a cheap picture

  • Glossy finishes for an art gallery made
  • Direct the back of the print surface: effect of volume and depth.
  • 28 available formats.
  • Extruded plexiglass quality
  • 5 mm thick, for an effect of depth
  • Effect of transparency and light show
  • Respect for bright colors made
  • Ink UV resistant and moisture
Table plexi example
Table ships in 48 hours
high quality plexi

Table Plexi Photo HD

20,90 €
Plexi table is what is done best to reveal and play with the color depth of your best photographs. It is an elegant medium, distinguished and well refined, ideal for highlighting the universe that you have instilled in your home. While transparency photography on plexiglass invites contemplation and reflection, in the manner of an art gallery. Durable and solid, plexiglass table is suitable for both an outside or inside environment. The colors are fixed and do not tarnish over the years. It is also washable sponge, in case dust alters the lovely dance of light that occurs across the table. This decorative gift may be offered to a girl or a boy as well to decorate their room for a romantic gift or 50 years of your mother. - Thickness 5 mm - Extruded Plexiglass - UV Printing your photographs - Fasteners with spacers provided - washable sponge - inside / outside Compatible
Table Plexi Photo HD - 20 x 20 cm

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Table Photo Plexi Pop Art

20,90 €
This decorative object similar to a glass table is to customize to your liking. This plexiglass holder will bring light and clarity to your photography. His rendering brilliant colors will awaken your painting pop art. This table plexi the Pop Art effect will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the biggest celebrities of this art movement as Richard Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein. Gravissimo offers the possibility to create your pop art Andy Warhol with the predefined styles or customized with your own colors. 4 Choose your portraits of your family and apply the colors to your liking. - Extruded Plexiglas 5 mm thick - laminated Printing your portraits Pop Art - Pop Art Over 97 effects to discover in the studio Gravissimo - fastening with spacers System, provided - Washable sponge - inside / outside Compatible
Table Photo Plexi Pop Art - 20 x 20 cm

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Build your own plexiglass table

For his plexiglass tables Gravissimo is quality first. With a thickness of 5 mm and a direct back surface printing, your table plexi provides smooth rendering and the core of which performs a play of light. With its fixation system braces, your table is easy to install and offers a dynamic effect of terrain. This custom plexiglass table will fit your wall decor to create an atmosphere to your picture. Like a glass table, a window on the world of your photographs.

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