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Custom Printed Underwear or embroidered with cheap Photo

Boxer, thong, underwear, panties, just customize your underwear with a photograph, an image and a message. To offer without moderation.
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There are many small opportunities to make funs gifts, among them the custom underwear is always a lot of success! Underwear make fun gifts and cheap that will be appreciated for all the good living.

Offer below has become a classic for a single bachelor party. Use your imagination and compose a message that reminds them of their youth, their adolescent follies or remind them that now he or she is no longer "available". Think draw among the symbols offered by our online configurator or download a souvenir photo and a fun illustration to customize your underpants man or woman shorty. Your personalized mark this as the preliminary wedding with a white stone and humorous that remind married crazy moment that was their single bachelor.

Polyester custom underwear also guarantee the festive moments in the mood for a birthday (on) a friend (e) or for Christmas. Gently mock the age of a relative or otherwise congratulate these beautiful years, an anniversary is often an opportunity to convey a message or humorous tender. Wear a man or a small personalized panties panty with a photo and a message is always fun for those who receive them. At Christmas socks also offer season!

Offer personalized underwear for a special occasion

A nice message of love on the male or female lingerie can also make a very naughty Valentine's Day. Complement a boxer man for him or a girl under clothing for her with suggestive photo or illustration, add a naughty message, an invitation to cuddle, a declaration of love or why not a serious marriage proposal and you're play ! More original than the red and black nightie, the heart shaped chocolates or jewelery, it's the perfect personalized gift for uninhibited couples and lovers, with a touch of humor.

More down to earth, compose a wardrobe in the name of each of your children is a good idea to bring peace in the home. To avoid arguments between siblings and business borrowed "illegally" they bicker every day, create a keychain for each to their name or the image of their favorite hero. It will be easy to take the borrower in the act!

To customize your underwear man or woman, is simple with our online wizard. As to your composition, you instantly visualize the results on your screen. Upload your photo, or more since customization is unlimited and add your text. We faithfully reproduce the color, brightness and contrast of your shot through our color sublimation technique. The pigments are impregnated into the material and guarantee stability over time, wash after wash.

Create a custom underwear for men or women

Male or female underwear will allow you to surprise your loved ones with a gift idea as fun and original. String of women, through the way shorty thong, boxer man or socks, dress unique and original way with these personalized clothing.

Create yourself your next birthday or Valentine's Day with Gravissimo! Discover all our customizable objects to please around you. Tee shirt Personalized Table Photo via custom shell or photo mug, you will find what to fill all the family with a gift idea or practice unusual!

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Custom Underwear for every occasion
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