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Hull and personalized Samsung Galaxy S4 pouch photo

Make your unique samsung galaxy s4 with a case or a customizable shell with a picture or text. Add a photo of your family on your phone.
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Want to showcase your Samsung Galaxy S4? Give him a shell Galaxy S4 or a custom case that you have customized with your own artwork, a message, a picture ... and protect it at the same time. Here's a gift for Mother's Day!

Visit our online configurator specifically designed to allow a multitude of customization options and let it guide you. Add a picture, a personal photo, logo, symbol, a message.

Play with your imagination and artistic filters to create a custom shell Samsung Galaxy S4

Reproduction of your creation is done through the sublimation of colors on the aluminum back plate covered with a white lacquer in the case of a shell. This sublime technical colors, brightness and contrast of your photo gift with optimal rendering quality and unparalleled.

Extra strong plastic for maximum protection, these accessories perfectly fit the shape of the Galaxy S4 leaving access to all sockets (audio, charger) and connectors without hindrance.

A unique custom protection of its kind

Our semi-industrial production, these shells for Samsung Galaxy customizable S4 are also perfect corporate gifts for your company. Do not hesitate to put your logo to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Take advantage now of a Galaxy S4 shell customized cheap and original for a birthday, Father's Day or just for Christmas. This will certainly feel and enjoy your loved ones.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom for every occasion
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