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Samsung Galaxy Note hull and Custom printed with Photo

Find the most personalized samsung samsung cases with a photo and a message to keep a souvenir of your loved ones with you.

Custom hull Samsung : The most popular

If you have a smartphone or a Samsung and if you want to protect with style and efficiency tablet, this category is for you! Gravissimo offers to find a Samsung custom shell to provide excellent design and original look of your devices.

Choose from our hulls those matching your smartphone model Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, S2, S3, S4 or S5, the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab tablet and from the color choices we offer : black, white, transparent, pink or shiny metal or matte. Create a personalized gift in seconds!

Made with extra-strong to effectively protect your equipment from damage of daily plastic, these accessories are specially designed to fit the specific devices of Samsung. They can be clipped easily and each slot is facing the connectors and buttons for free access to all features.

Shells Samsung upscale custom

The Deluxe range on it has the advantage of having a tie removable aluminum back plate. The ideal solution to change customization without changing the hull.

To customize your shell, nothing more simple, our online wizard will help you to find the original style you want to give it. Upload your best photo color a picture that reminds you of a good memory, a portrait of a loved one, a favorite illustration or for entrepreneurs, the company logo into a marketing object of choice and then choose an artistic effect for more originality. You can also compose a message, dedication and choose from our writing fonts.

Our technical reproduction sublimation color gives a result the most beautiful effect and high quality. The impregnation of color in the mass gives it a high resistance, no color faded with time, acurate colors and contrasts.

Treat yourself to the smartphone or tablet that nobody has an object that looks like you, unique and original at a very affordable price with these accessories. Samsung is an original custom case that is both stylish and useful to offer a birthday or Christmas gift.

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