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What custom hull choose for my phone?

Coque HTC M7 Noire Coque Galaxy S3 Blanc Etui noir iphone 5

Gravissimo offers a wide selection of shells to customize according to your needs!

With shells available for most major brands of phone, everyone can find happiness. Here is the list of phone brands for which we offer shells or custom protection cases:

Apple: iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C

Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3 / S4 Galaxy, Galaxy Note 1/2 Galaxy Note

Blackberry: Q10 / Z10 / Bold 9900 / Torch 9800

HTC: One M7 / One S / X One / Desire Z

Nexus: Samsung Nexus 1/4 LG Nexus

Sony Xperia Z

If ever your phone model is not on the list below, you can also order a fabric pouch or pocket jean phone.

How to choose a shell?

Now that you know if our shells or cases are available for your phone model, the next step is to choose the model of your protection!

Hull Picture hard edge

Coque Blackberry Q10

There are several colors available depending on the model: this protection is the most classic and most economical. It offers good protection to the back and sides of your phone. The cuts are perfect to let access to all buttons and features. The finish is good and the back plate is custom made offers that lasts over time.

Photo Soft shell edge

Coque iPhone 4 noire souple

These models offer a more flexible edge original finish different from the previous model. Available in less colors, this model is still a great success. Again, the custom back plate is qualitative and will offer a made foolproof.

Case Deluxe Photo

Coque Galaxy S4 Deluxe HD metal

Our Deluxe models are models with higher quality finishes that models "classic". They will protect your phone well, and especially the shell itself more resistant to various shocks and falls.

Photo Case with flap top or side

Etui iphone 5 orange

This product, made of leather and micro-fiber, provide the ultimate protection covering the entire phone to prevent scratching your screen. Of these cases, the front flap which is customizable. On some models, you can also store card and other documents. Different colors, these models can combine originality and practicality!

Hull Photo flap flip

Coque Flip iphone 5 bleu

These models, more recent and available for certain phone models are both stylish and quality. With their flip flap touch bundle, the screen of your phone is also protected. In this model, the rear of the hull that is personalized. Available in different colors, these shells with their inspired flap system "Smart Cover" will give a unique look to your phone.

A little reading on custom shell

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