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Custom wooden puzzle with your photo + cheap text

Declare a message to your friends as a birth with personalized puzzles with a photograph. Heart, Square or 300 pieces.
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Take your best photo and put it into pieces for the pleasure of the redial! Funny idea? This is the principle of personalized puzzle with a photo and a message more than a simple image, a memory to share and (re) discover piece by piece.

Offer a beautiful jigsaw puzzle to get a message

Choose from rectangular shapes, round or heart and sizes (4 to 280 pieces), one that will fit better with the shot you want to capture. For birthday gifts or christmas gifts, custom puzzles "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday" will be the most beautiful effect, while a declaration of love on "I love You" model that surprise / whoever the will. These gifts will delight your friends and family, whether a man, woman or child.

Your photos will be magnified with our color sublimation technique in which the impregnation of pigments is done directly in the field. If you want to play the artists, let yourself be guided by our online assistant and draw your inspiration in various art filters for even more originality.

Discover the original to personalize with a message and a photo puzzles

An original and unique to offer fans of puzzle for Christmas, a birthday or an event to celebrate personalized gift. A jigsaw puzzle is a very original idea to capture a beautiful love letter to be gradually discovered.

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Custom Puzzle for every occasion
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