Plate Holder Personalized photo for bedroom or toilet entrance

Our personalized door plates with a photo or message are a perfect gift to recognize a piece as a baby's room
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The door plate personalized to oneself is an ornament which we do not always think and yet it makes many services! Add a name, a funny message, a number or a logo, the door plate is signaling, warning, marking ... so many good ideas customizations! Here is a good gift idea for baby to welcome him in his room!

Decorate your doors and bring a touch of originality

To put a bit of fantasy in your decoration, put a plaque with the name of your children, their favorite picture or on their bedroom door illustration. Adolescents may prefer small humorous warnings or defense of entry. It is also a good idea to customize drawers and storage boxes in an original way.

If you are a professional, this is the perfect way to show by example the numbers of rooms, waiting rooms, private parts, the names of your employees at the entrance of the office ... Remember to add your logo to stick more to your business image.

Every room needs a unique design with a personalized door plaque

Solid, with impeccable finishes, these door plates fiberglass will look great thanks to the faithful reproduction of colors and contrasts returned by the method of color sublimation consists of impregnation of pigments in the material.

A personalized door plate is an ideal gift for a housewarming, to welcome a baby, Christmas gift or just to improve your home decor unique and original way.

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