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Custom kitchen cutting board with wooden picture, glass

Chopping board personalized with your colors and your photo, gift idea for Mom!
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The cutting board is an essential utensil in the kitchen. You can not do without and you use it every day to chop vegetables or cut poultry. To make this more convenient, you often leave at hand, sun, almost as a decorative element of its cuisine. All the more reason for it to be pretty robust and time. Your personalized cutting board and will allow you to have a unique gift, matching the decor of your kitchen or your image, you have pleased and proud to exhibit.

Good cooks awaken the chef in them by customizing their boards with their culinary achievement, their most beautiful cake, beautifully decorated cup-cakes or a golden pizza ... You can also create your own montage with several clichés, fees personalization are offered allowing many combinations.

Lovers will enjoy the decor create a cutting board in line with the look of their kitchen, a tonal illustration, a cover of the theme wallpaper or tile. You will have a totally unique accessory matched with your kitchen that no one will and that will be your image.

Offer a personalized cutting board to your grandma or your dad for a unique gift!

You will find in our online wizard, artistic filters that you can use to give your creative mind a pop art or cartoon for example. Then add a message by choosing an original typeface and voila! We faithfully reproduce your composition through our color sublimation technique. The pigments are impregnated into the material (glass) and are secured in time despite numerous washings in the dishwasher. With this method, your colors are observed, contrasts and light are highlighted for a result closer to the original.

The original offer to a granny for Christmas or holiday gift for grandmothers, but also thank her for her good food on Sunday. Think about the last photograph discreetly pie and add a text while tenderness. The offer a dad for his birthday is to compliment her cooking or encourage them to also dishes with a little humorous message. It is also the perfect gift for a housewarming or the first Christmas of a child who takes off in his own apartment. They will always be grateful to have a think about as practical personalized gift and original. A custom cutting board makes all the difference in your kitchen and give an original touch to your decor. Useful and practical, this accessory will prove essential in addition to aesthetics.

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Custom Cutting Board for every occasion
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