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Engraved Pendants 18K Gold Plated with image + text

Customize and burn your pendant 18K Gold Plated with a photo and message. A Unique Gift!
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If you love jewelry, Gravissimo lets you choose a custom Gold plated pendant 18K to offer for fun. You choose between different forms ... The necklace or ID plates for the classic side. A heart-shaped necklace for love to declare an anniversary to celebrate. Unless you want to celebrate a birth, a baptism with these scrolls forms that also allow you to add a photo. Let your imagination and create original jewelry for unique attention.

Choose a pendant engraved gold plated for for Mother's Day or Father's Day and surprise your parents! A photo pendant will allow them to keep the portraits of their children around the neck, as close to their heart, throughout the day. You can also choose a pendant child to celebrate communion or baptism of your baby. Add the event date and his name so he can keep a unique souvenir of this important holiday in his life.

A range of pendants engraved gold plated for all occasions

You can customize the style of your heart pendant by changing the font from those proposed by our assistant, you can also add a photo, logo, symbol and for even more originality, some models are already engraved with a little heart or love. It will do more than add a photo or a small text like "I love you" on this heart necklace. Not to mention the inevitable sign of the zodiac to burn on the back of a first name and a birth date. Your engraved jewelry will help you proudly display your zodiac sign.

and personalize your jewelry according to your desire of a text and / or photo on the front and / or on the back. You can also choose original patterns like a clover, an angel or just a heart. Your composition will be reproduced exactly and carefully through mechanical engraving, technical jewelers, ensuring a finish and a very precise detail. Enjoy the customization and offered a secure payment to create a beautiful personalized gift to your liking. Your order will be delivered directly to your home in jewel box or gift box.

Offer a personalized gold plated pendant with a photo and text

To complete your engraved gift, think about the matching string, like this, no need to wait to wear this beautiful gem engraved! Whether you choose a silver plated or gold chain chain or a satin cord, offer personalized necklace ready to be worn. A gold plated engraved personalized pendant is an original gift that will definitely the one who receives it. All opportunities are good to have fun or to provide that this unique and cheap, a declaration of love, a birth, a baptism, a wedding, a birthday, Valentine ...

And if you prefer more solid silver or steel, also discover our silver pendant or steel medal collection. A wide selection of personalized jewelry awaits you on Gravissimo. Also try our personalized bracelets engraved bracelet, silver signet ring, round earrings or picture medallion military plate to customize. And for the budget, you can instead choose a nice picture keychain heart for women or for men, which will allow you to mark a special occasion in a unique way. Choose jewelry woman to touch your mom and show her how much you love her.

For a man gift idea, you can also choose our custom pairs of cufflinks, available in round or square format. Create a real adornment of customizable jewelry for man bracelet and a photo engraving pendant that your husband or dad can wear every day to work.

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Gold Plated Pendants for every occasion
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