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Sports Medal and trophy Custom logo or picture

Customise Sport medals with the logo of your club or a picture of an event. An original and unique rewards for children and adults.
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Discover a unique and original personalized gift for all lovers of competition and reward: medal sports. To congratulate a child with a competitive sport, you can offer a customized medal with his image or with a small message of encouragement or congratulations for example.

You are the manager of a football club, then offer to all your little soccer players a medal with their full names and the year printed on it. They will be delighted to see their coach encourages their sporting achievements, their trainings and they will keep a memory of this past year together.

Make this sport gift, a present and fun design that will please those you shall offer!

Choose a custom sports medal event

For this medal becomes the object of desire, personalize it with a photo portrait, event dates, a first and last name or encouraging text. Our online help wizard when you making your sports accessory. Make it personalized gift, a unique reward to frame or hang in a room.

If you are manager of a sports association, fun to customize this unitary sports medal or silver gilt edge to surprise your members and give them a memory of the past year.

It's almost the final of rugby and your son you would like to do him a big surprise for this event? Do not hesitate to offer him a sports medal with his portrait for example. To mark a collective or individual sports event, this medal child or adult is ideal to offer someone who participates in sports competition. Make the dream by offering him a medal sport as a great top athlete.

You can also choose this custom medal to reward original way the winners at an enterprise play. Choose from two colors of medals, the gold medal and silver medal!

Here is an original and personalized gift perfect for your professional or sporting events, which certainly affect amateur athletes and professionals that want to reward you!

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Custom Sports Medal for every occasion
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