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For iPhone 6 / 6S Custom printed with high quality picture

Create your iphone 6 / 6s personalized, add a message or even your own pictures. A unique and original gift cheap high tech for all lovers of the iphone!
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Proud owner of the new iPhone 6S 6 or Apple? Or you want to please a loved one addicted to his smartphone? The latest gem from Apple will be protected from bumps, scratches and everyday hazards through a shell iPhone 6 / 6S personalized. All our iPhone accessories are available for two screen sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Also try our iPhone cases to protect the front glass scratches and friction when your mobile phone is stored in a bag or pocket. This personalized photo item to your everyday life and effectively protect your favorite smartphone! Create a customizable shell to your image and offer a unique photo printing that can take anywhere is a breeze with Gravissimo.

Create a custom case for your iPhone 6

With our intuitive and fun customization wizard, create a protective cover for smartphone or an original iPhone cover, to taste. With your own portrait, a pattern of your choice and a message, a date or a name, your phone will be decorated and protected with a single silicone iPhone case! From € 15.90, enjoy a high quality wallet, leatherette, a transparent silicone shell or rigid plastic, and please your family or your friends. Sublimation printing is entirely made in our French workshops, which offers a guarantee of quality but also responsiveness foolproof and the ability to manufacture and very fast delivery in 24 hours!

For Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday or just for fun, here's a personalized gift idea that will please a man, a woman or a teenager. This can also be used to praise your child after school or athletic success! Ideal for budget travelers and for those who love customization! also offer a custom shell to your child for its iPad 2, iPad Air or iPad Mini. A custom case that will accompany her wherever and which will match the protective shell of its iPhone 6!

Offer a shell iPhone 6 / 6S personalized with your photos and message

Personalization is free, so you can have fun to create and customize the hull for iPhone or iPhone 6 case of your dreams, adding as many photos as you want. Apply an effect on the images, then a colored background on the product and add text in the color and font of your choice from a wide selection. A true gift to yourself! Once the selected image, you can have fun to reproduce on other media like personalized mugs, pictures on canvas, a shell iPad Mini or a mouse pad! Gravissimo offers more than 2000 personalized gift ideas to print the photos you care. The challenge is to make your choice before finalizing your order, of all the ideas that we offer.

Whether for yourself or to offer, choose a custom shell iPhone 6 to be sure that your phone is unique and easily recognizable! Impress all your friends with this personalized gift, original and practical! Custom iPhone case is the idea gift trend of the moment, so do not wait! Start customize her hull and have fun imagining a pell-mell or creating a photo montage. The smartphone hulls are used by more today to protect and not deteriorate too quickly these high-tech jewelry. Thus, you are sure to please around you and not go wrong with this personalized photo gift.

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