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Glove and Pot Holder kitchen original personalized with your photo

Doing the kitchen with a glove custom white kitchen with a message or a photo of your culinary exploits
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The kitchen is part of the daily lives of all French. There are those who do not like it but there especially those who love it! And for them, man or woman, consider offering them a personalized mitt, along with a potholder, essential to catch his dishes in the oven, but a hat and a hoodie to customize.

Offer mitts to personalize with a photo

Never to burn while cooking, choose our custom gloves or potholders. Single or thicker, our models of gloves that are resistant to heat, ideal both for men and women. The potholder will be essential for a complete gift while the toque and apron will be the ideal complement to the perfect outfit cook! How about a personalized napkin or cloth picture, affording a perfect cook your range?

Using a technique called sublimation, the product is customized with a photo and a message of your choice, humorous or love. The font choice or affect the images is very wide and you will unleash your imagination by creating a personalized gift in harmony with your kitchen and your desires!

Be original with this perfect gift for cooks

Whatever the occasion (birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day), custom kitchen glove is a gift idea that will please both a cook, a mom or granny addicted to the kitchen. They will enjoy every day to use this practical object and the custom color potholder. With our customization wizard you can imagine and make yourself a present to measure.

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Custom kitchen glove for every occasion
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