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Doudou Custom Embroidered with a baby boy or girl Name

Offer a custom embroidered blanket with the baby's name or the child. A surprising gift and full of emotion.
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In search of a birthday gift? Offer a sweet and colorful blanket! It is a timeless present which can also be very original if you take care to make it unique with an embroidered name. The own best friend is clearly the ideal companion for all infants in whom it awakens the senses of touch and hearing. It also will comfort the big sorrows, facilitate sleep or calînera upon separation. He will accompany all new born long ways and often keep as childhood memory.

These small pieces of cloth, pastel or bright colors in fleece and satin finishes are high quality and are very soft. Their ornaments, made of little ones animals full of tenderness. You will be able to choose your favorite among the classics (dog, cat, rabbit, bear) but also exotic (elephant, penguin, pony, owl or ladybug) animal. Each wears a funny little nickname that will also tempt you in your choice. And triangle, square, with small knots, legs or bells, also make their particularity.

For a gift of original birth, offer a blanket embroidered with baby's name

Once selected, you can make even more original your gift by personalizing with embroidered name of your baby. We offer a wide range of colors for an embroidery son in harmony with the fabric of the plush or simply to vary the fun. Feel free to change the font to write through our online wizard and view the results live on your screen.

You can only offer the plush or enjoy your own best box or pack including a sleigh bells studied for a good baby grip and a strap adapted to her little wrist. Whichever you choose your gift will be delivered in a nice gift box.

The disney own best friend does not offer only a birth, enjoy his first Christmas or her first birthday to make him a present full of tenderness in him that will renew the pleasures of discovering other materials, other colors d other forms. With its name embroidered on it, it will be sure to never lose! You can also add a phone number so we can contact you in case of blanket or simply misplaced the date of child birth. Upon entry to kindergarten or nursery, his auntie and his mistress will be delighted to be able to identify the mate of your child.

It will keep this unique present for many years and to avoid major crises crying for loss, remember to buy him a second identical taking advantage of free shipping from 25 euros purchase. Here is a nice gift for baby.

You are looking for an original birth gift? Think about your own best friend, the favorite little companion for your child. Choose from our wide range of soft toys we offer both rabbits, bears, cows, ladybugs or penguins, ponies and other original animals, both of round, square or triangular our soft toys are flat and different colors. Think embroidered the name of your baby and the date of birth with the color and the font of your choice, and why not your phone number in case the blanket would be lost. There is also a gift set consisting of a blanket, a rattle and a strap adapted to the wrist of your baby, all offered in a gift box.

A birthday gift, or a birthday gift for your child feels safe with her cuddly soft that will follow him around as much in bed than at school or nursery and who will comfort him during his bigger troubles. You can also match the baby blanket with his pajamas so he got a look unusual or even tie his pacifier in his blanket.

It's an original idea to please your baby boy or girl according to your taste.

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Doudou Custom for every occasion
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