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Dog tag, military Plate Personalized Engraved with Image + Text

Military plate or Dog Tag is a military equipment which was used during the war to identify the bodies of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. It is generally found there the following information: Full name of the military, no social security or identification, blood type, and religion, but you can now engrave your phone number, for example. Today, military plate has become a fashion element, and sometimes a sign of belonging to a group. You also express thanks to these military plates and give in to all the friends of your tape to create a unique identity for your group. These plates are to customize your personal information, which will be laser engraved with finesse on your jewelry.

Originally used by miltaires, Dog Tags are the dog tags.

Double version consists of:
- 2 sheets
- 2 channels
(Protections sold separately)

Offer custom military plaques and engraved with a photo and a message for a unique style

You will find many colors with a wide range of protections (rubber part used to protect the plate).

Provided with a chain of a chain 60 cm + 12 cm of the double version.

Length: 50 mm
Width: 29 mm
Thickness: 1.25 mm
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Personalized dogtags

Professional if you are interested in this product for an event, an evening, please contact us.

Personalize your military plaque with your photos and text. The Custom Dog Tag, Medical ID Tag or Tag to burn!

Military Plaque Custom : The most popular

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