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Garden knife engraved with personalized text

Enjoy the good weather to work in the garden with a beautiful custom knife engraved with a message from your children.
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Choose a custom knife or garden to provide for fun! Brand Baladéo with their wooden handles, these are high quality products to customize the back of the blade generally.

A knife designed for garden

With its curved blade 9 cm, the pruning is ideal for grafting, pruning shrubs, cutting plants, ... in short, take good care of your garden. But it can also be useful for various activities, eg when doing electrical work or for researchers mushrooms! To offer as a Christmas gift for example.

For the record, originally it served as press knife cutting the ropes surrounding the bundles of newspapers. It is now modernized, it has become stylish with its black handle stamina.

When you walk in nature, you want to pick mushrooms, but it turns out that you do not have the proper equipment? We have what you need. Its blade is perfect for cutting without damaging his brush allow you to clean the soil and humus that you will find it and back scalloped help you prepare the mushroom and remove the cuticle. You will now become a true expert in mycology.

A custom knife to offer for every occasion

You want to burn an important date or message to surprise your dad? Take the plunge and buy a gift for Father's Day to customize. To please your loved ones, give this knife personalized for any occasion garden!

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Knife custom garden for every occasion
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