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Gift box Baby Birth Custom Embroidered with her name

Discover our personalized baby boxes and embroidered with initials, a name or even a message. An original gift for a baby.
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When it is necessary to make a gift of birth, it is still a puzzle. This is actually not easy to find what is useful for the baby and that will please the parents. The gift box has become very trendy and can offer more useful present one.

Our boxes of Birth contain a sleeping bag, a blanket and a stuffed animal. A pink model for girls and another blue for boys (or vice versa!) Will seduce all those who lack imagination when it comes to offer a birth gift.

For personalized and original baby box contains embroidering the name of the newborn. Embroidered gift is always appreciated. Your friends will see that this is not just now bought into the first found store. You took the time to do customize. This is an attention that always touch new parents.

Opt for an original birth gift by offering a personalized baby boxes

The gig of our personalized baby kit is suitable for newborn until its 6 months. Convenient and safe baby will sleep warm without risk of detection in the night. A newborn always needs to feel wrapped in security as when he was in the womb of his mother. This will be the case with these products. The sleeping bag is also very convenient for a walk in pram. It will always be well wrapped for his nap. The blanket and plush, meanwhile, will accompany her hugs times and will be there to reassure him when he cries.

You can offer these accessories embroidered with someone who is close to you. A member of your family, or a friend but also a colleague or neighbor following a happy event. You just need to know the child's name to make it embroidered on the sleeping bag and blanket.

Perfect for a gift of original birth practices to the child but also for parents, personalized boxes will have fun to spend cozy nights and tender moments!

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