General Conditions of Sale

These general conditions regulate the distance selling of goods by Gravissimo shop on Internet-accessible Gravissimo, individuals, associations, works councils and professionals. Their purpose is to define the rights and obligations of the company Si-Creative and Client.
They regulate all the steps necessary for placing the order and keep track of the order between the contracting parties.

The order implies irrevocable acceptance of the general conditions of sale. These conditions of sale can be modified, the applicable conditions are those in effect on the date Gravissimo to award the customer order. For this purpose the customer has the option to download, store and reproduce these conditions.

The Customer states have the capacity to enter into this contract that is to say, of legal age and not under guardianship.

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article   1 : Use and Personalization
article   2 : products
article   3 : Price
article   4 : Order
article   5 : Payment
article   6 : Availability / Delivery of your order
article   7 : Refunds and Exchanges
article   8 : personal data
article   9 : Intellectual property
article 10 : Responsibility
article 11 : applicable Rights - Disputes
article 12 : Customer Service
article 13 : SMS service

Article 1: Use of the site and Personalization

Access to and use of this Site you are authorized for the sole purpose of preparing, evaluating and ordering of printed products and related services (hereinafter referred to as "Products") only through Gravissimo . No other download, retention, use, publication or distribution of any portion of the Content is authorized or permitted. The fact of procuring products at Gravissimo does not allow you to use any portion of Content apart from the finished printed products as they are provided by Gravissimo.
You agree to use this Site in a responsible manner in full compliance with these Terms and Conditions and with your local laws and rules, including the rules for import and export. Without exception, none of the Content may not be used as a trademark or service, for the purpose of pornography, illegal, defamatory, to reach the private and public life of anyone, nor to violate any intellectual property, brand name or service or deposited, or which could affect the privacy of a third party and integrity, hate, racism, crime and misdemeanor, or d other intellectual property rights of any person or entity. You agree not to use the Site to produce Products that are offensive, unlawful, harassing, libelous, threatening, harmful, obscene, malicious or otherwise objectionable. Gravissimo may terminate its service to customers who are caught using the site Gravissimo for undesirable purposes.
You are personally responsible for your use of the Content by incorporating into other products your images, graphics, text or other. You agree not to include in your products no text, picture, drawing, mark or service mark, or any work whose intellectual property rights belong to any third party without first obtaining the appropriate permissions owners. You warrant that your Products do not infringe any rights of a third party, including intellectual property, trademark, violating the right to public or private life and they libel or defame any third party, and you have all required rights or permissions necessary to incorporate third party products in your products. By placing an order on this Site, you warrant that you have all right, permission and authority to place the order and you authorize Gravissimo to customize products for your account.
You agree to respond personally to protect your password and access control to the account you hold. You agree to be personally liable for all orders placed or other actions made through the account you hold.

Article 2: Products

The products offered for sale by Gravissimo are those listed on the site Gravissimo the day of the site consultation by the Client.
The products are offered for sale in the stocks.
Custom products are products requiring additional manufacturing phase, including (without this list is not exhaustive): engravings, sublimation printing, embroidery, cuts made to size, and in general any physical intervention on the product to meet the customer order.
The products offered for sale are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. However, if errors or omissions were to occur in this presentation, the responsibility Gravissimo could not be committed. The photographs and texts illustrating the products are only indicative and do not enter the contractual field.
Our products are guaranteed one year against manufacturing defects.

Article 3: Price

The awards are presented in Euros all taxes included, excluding shipping costs that are the responsibility of the Customer unless specific indications or conditions. All orders, regardless of whether their origins are payable in Euros.
The prices include taxes applicable on the date of the order. If the rate of these taxes is altered, these changes could be reflected on the price of items without the Customer being notified.
Gravissimo reserves the right to change prices at any time. The products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.
VAT at the rate in force

Article 4 : Commande

Any order is worth express and irrevocable acceptance of prices and descriptions of products available for sale.
The Customer have read and irrevocably agree to these Terms and Conditions before placing his order.
The validation of the order implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Any order signed by the Customer "click" (Act of 13 March 2000 on electronic signature) and the pages on successive data entry screens, the order is considered irrevocable.

Article 5: Payment

Method of payment
Payments are made in euros.
- by credit card. The accepted credit cards are: Blue Card - VISA - MasterCard (depending on the user's country, other cards can be accepted).

- Paypal transfer at

- Wire Transfer. The bank details are:
Account name: Gravissimo
5-7 Rue Jean-François Leca
Bank : Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence
RIB : 11306 00094 2789081000 11
IBAN : FR76 1130 6000 9427 8290 8100 011
BIC swift : AGRIFRPP813

- By bank check. The check must be issued by a bank domiciled in France. Behind the check must be noted:
- The e-mail address used when ordering
- The order number
The check should be sent within 4 working days after ordering at the following address:
Customer service
la France

Security and Privacy

The security system set up for the credit card payment system is the Crédit Agricole: e-transactions. The personal information and the credit card numbers are never transmitted unencrypted over the Internet, the data is signed, encrypted and transmitted using SSL (SSL Certificate) upstream of the remote payment module. The agreement of the central network of bank cards valid payment.
Gravissimo never has access to your credit card number.

Fight against fraud
Before you ship the order and to prevent fraud in distance selling, Gravissimo reserves the right to ask the Customer to supporting home and identity. In the absence of evidence or if the documents sent fail to ensure the identity of the author of the command and the reality of domiciliation, we would be obliged to cancel the order to ensure safety online transactions.

In order to protect against fraud attempts, Gravissimo records the following information: IP address, date and time of the transaction. These elements identify expressly and uniquely the transaction. These items will remain confidential if no fraud attempt is made.
Any attempt at fraud, for any amount whatsoever and irrespective of origin, will be subject to criminal prosecution. The entirety of the data collected during the transaction for you will then be forwarded to the prosecutor for investigation.
Recalling the terms of Article 313-1 of the Penal Code:
"The scam is the fact, or by the use of a false name or false status or by the abuse of a true quality, or by the use of fraudulent, misleading an individual or entity and thus determine, to his prejudice or to the prejudice of a third party, to transfer funds, securities or any property, to provide a service or to consent to an act or discharge requirement.
The fraud is punishable by five years imprisonment and a 375,000 euros fine. "

Article 6: Availability / Delivery

Localities served:
Deliveries are made worldwide.


In case of unavailability of product after placing the order, the Customer will be notified immediately by email or phone articles out. The Customer will then have 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to request the cancellation or exchange of the order by contacting our customer service.

Contact information :

Customer service
contact us

You must verify the completeness and compliance information you provide when ordering, especially concerning the delivery address.
We could not be held responsible for any data entry errors and consequences (eg delays or delivery errors). In this context, the costs incurred for the return of the order would be your responsibility.

Delivery :

Gravissimo reserves the choice of carrier and guarantees the delivery of products.
However, after delivery, the risks of goods are transferred to the Customer.
Delivery will be made from Monday to Saturday to the address you specify. In case of absence a notice will be left in your mailbox. Your package will be made available for 15 days in the post office in your area.
Customer is responsible for checking the condition of the packaging and the conformity of the product delivered, and issue if necessary, on the delivery of the carrier or contact customer service (the contact information above) in 24H. If this procedure is not followed, Gravissimo disclaims any responsibility to possible refund or exchange products.
Exceeding the shipping time can not give rise to any cancellation of the order, any reduction in the price paid by the customer, and no payment of damages, since the customer is delivered within 30 days business, following the receipt of the order settlement.
Gravissimo reserves the right to refuse delivery or to deliver an order from a customer who has not fully paid or settled a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is being administered.
The products remain the property of Gravissimo until full payment of the order.

International delivery:

The products we offer are consistent with the legislation and standards applicable in France and in the European Community.
For any purchase in seen export, you should check the specific legislation in force in the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations or prohibitions.
Our responsibility can not be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered, it is your responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of import or use of products.

Shipping costs:

Participation in shipping is charged extra. This share may be reduced or eliminated based on commercial operations underway.
Shipping charges are calculated before validation for acceptance of your order.

Article 7: Refunds and Exchanges

Pursuant to Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the customer has the capacity of consumer, has a right of withdrawal 14 days from the receipt of the products, without having to justify reasons or pay penalties, except for return shipping costs. If this deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended to the next business day.
In accordance with Article L.121-20-2 3 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal may be exercised for goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized. Therefore, the withdrawal of which benefit consumers under Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code may be exercised only for non-customized products sold by Gravissimo on this site.
Conditions for the return:
The returned item must be unworn, in its original packaging and accompanied by a copy of the purchase order or invoice. Products returned damaged, soiled or incomplete will not be exchanged or refunded.
Any return of goods requires the prior agreement of Gravissimo and obtaining a return number issued by it to the Customer, which shall be legibly inscribed on any returned package.
The return of goods is at the expense and risk of the Client and must be imperatively Colissimo delivered against signature or other mode of transportation but delivered against signature. Products returned by carrier without physical or poorly protected protection will be refused; So it is the Customer to ensure the protection and ensure the returned products or during transport.
If a delivery error was committed in relation to the order, the Gravissimo company will cover the cost of return by sending a Good Back Colissimo that the Customer will stick on the package before bringing it to his office position; if the customer was on the return on its own, Gravissimo reimburse the customer a flat rate of 3.15 € or proof of transport regulations.

To speed up the procedures for exchange or warranty made, we may ask you to send us by e-mail digital photos of your products.

Having refund or:

The cost of returning the product (s) are the Client. Or the product (s) returned (s) are refunded within 30 days of its (their) receipt by the Company Gravissimo. Reimbursement will be made by check to the name and the Customer billing address who placed the order or directly crediting his bank account.
The refund will only focus on the products and delivery costs up to the Classic mode of transmission.
When using a discount code when ordering, the amount repaid corresponds to the value of the order.
If the command received from promotional offers (free shipping, etc.) based on the total amount of the order, and if the minimum threshold control is not achieved to benefit, while a new amount of the order will be established, and the refund will be the product value minus the difference of the 2 amounts of the order.
The package must be sent to the following address:

Customer service
la France

An email will be sent to the Customer about the refund.

Product Compliance:

Gravissimo will refund or exchange the products do not correspond to the order or if it is damaged before use. The customer will have to report any non-compliance in detail and return the product or products to which Gravissimo proceed to their replacement. The request must be made within 7 working days of delivery date. Products must be returned in the delivery status with all the delivered elements.


The buyer can exercise his right of withdrawal under the following conditions:

1 / Cases of non-customized products
The buyer has 14 days after receipt of the goods, to assert his right of withdrawal (Article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code).
The application for revocation must be made available through the withdrawal form here.

2 / Case customized products
No right of withdrawal is only applicable to products subject to customization. However, a request may be made to the customer service before shipping the order (by phone or e-mail). If the order is still in process, it will be possible to cancel the order and refund it (postage included).

Exchange on non-customized products:

The return of the product fee (s) are to the Customer, the return postage of the new product also. The Customer must attach to his return a payment of an amount equal to the shipping costs charged in the order in force, for the cost of preparing and sending the new item selected. Or the product (s) will be exchanged within 15 days of receipt to the company Gravissimo.
The package must be sent to the following address:

Customer service
la France


After the withdrawal period of 14 days you can benefit from the guarantee. Our jewelry is guaranteed for one year unless otherwise specified at the record. The warranty is limited to the value of the article and is only valid if the product is used for the purpose for which it is intended and under normal conditions of use. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear, improper maintenance, improper use, wear by friction, exposure to extreme temperatures, acids, solvents and chemicals. It does not cover damage caused by third parties, such as transportation.
The return of the product fee (s) are to the Customer, the return postage of the new product also. Forwarding fees are the responsibility of Gravissimo. Or the product (s) will be exchanged within 30 days of receipt by the Gravissimo society.
The package must be sent to the following address:

Customer service
la France

Article 8: Personal data

Gravissimo recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of its end-users, and undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided. These are confidential. They will be used by our internal departments for processing your order (customer file) and that to reinforce and personalize communication and the product offering reserved for Gravissimo customers, including newsletter Gravissimo. This article can not prevent the sale or transfer of activities to third parties.
In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and liberties, the treatment of personal information collected on the site Gravissimo has been declared to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties under number 1263283. The Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data. To exercise this right, the Customer must send a letter to the following address:

Customer service
la France

Article 9: Intellectual Property

All elements of the site Gravissimo, whether visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.

All elements of customizing a product that the customer agrees to share content with the community allows Gravissimo to use these elements to promote the company (advertising, ad delivery ...) and the client agrees to give her rights (except copyright) to Gravissimo society. The customer can by cons on request, withdraw its entirety via email to The withdrawal will not be retroactive on items that have been broadcast in the past (eg an advertisement in a shop can not be removed).
These elements are the exclusive property of the company Gravissimo.
Total or partial reproduction of these elements is strictly prohibited without written permission of Gravissimo.
The user who has a personal Internet site and wishes to place, for professional or personal use, on its website a simple link to a website page Gravissimo, must request permission to the company Gravissimo . It will not be in this case of an implicit affiliation agreement.
However, any hypertext link to the site Gravissimo including using a framework for inclusion or transclusion is in any case prohibited.
In all cases, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed at the request of the company Gravissimo.

Article 10: Responsibility

Hyperlinks can refer to other sites. Gravissimo disclaims any responsibility if the content of these sites violate the laws and regulations in force.
Responsibility for Gravissimo can be incurred for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including interruption of service, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses or any other incident of force majeure, in accordance with jurisprudence.
The products comply with French legislation and standards applicable in France and in the European Union.
The photographs, text, graphics, information and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility of Gravissimo can not be engaged in case of error or omission in one of these photographs, text or graphics, information or characteristics of products or in case of changing the characteristics of products by suppliers.
Moreover, Gravissimo disclaims any liability for any breach of its contractual obligations in the event of force majeure or fortuitous, including (without this list is not exhaustive): internal or external strike, fire, disaster, or internal failure external, and generally any event not allowing the good execution of the orders.

Article 11: Duties applicable / Disputes

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law regardless of the country of delivery.
In the event of a dispute arising from this contractual relationship, the Client and Gravissimo agree before any legal action to seek an amicable solution.
In case of dispute, the competent court is the Commercial Court of Aix en Provence - 13 - France.
The invalidity or illegality of any provision of these terms and conditions do not prevail nullity said conditions; the clause to be inserted in place of the canceled that is in force.

Article 12: Customer Service

Gravissimo The company is a limited liability company with capital of € 10,000 registered with the Trade and Aix-en-Provence under number 500 837 612.

Customer service

You can contact us from the Contact page.

Article 13: SMS Service

Gravissimo The company offers an SMS service to prevent sending customers their order via SMS. This service is made through OVH that performs sending SMS:

OVH SAS with capital of € 10,000,000
RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424 761 419 00045
APE Code 6202A
VAT number: FR 22424761419
Headquarters: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

When using this paid service the customer agrees that SMS can for some reason do not reach the destination but for some reason known as sending to a phone number that does not accept the SMS and will not not ask for reimbursement.

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