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Custom engraved cigar cellar with a photo and text

Enjoy a good cigar humidors with our engraved with your photo and message. Personalized for all cigar lovers gift!
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Custom cigar cellar is ideal to keep your cigars in the best conditions. Create yours for a personalized gift the most beautiful effect.

We have selected the best brands, including Adorini (lifetime warranty) and Sareva for their productions of high quality, stylish and functional, that conserve and showcase your most valuable acquisitions.

A gift in the tradition for smokers tan

They will appreciate the delicate attention that you have engraved, here's a gift for man to offer an opportunity for Father's Day, a birthday or retirement.

We have also made special care to offer a wide range of affordable and features meeting the requirements of storing your cigars as the humidity for example. Our humidification systems are reliable and high precision hygrometer allows perfect control of storage conditions inside your cellar. It is recommended close to 70% in order to get closer to the original conditions to preserve humidity.

Offer a personalized cigar cellar engraved with a photo and a message

Upload a photo, a picture, compose a text and create your own custom cellar by following the instructions in our online configurator cigars. Your composition will be performed by laser engraving removing the lacquer layer to the raw wood appear. With a few clicks you can create a unique personalized product.

As the saying illustrates Zino Davidoff: "Smoke less but smoke better".

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