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Schoolbag children Kindergarten Personalized Photo + Name

It's back to school, take the opportunity to offer personalized with his name or picture of his favorite hero binder.
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Your child needs a small backpack for his extracurricular activities? From a satchel for entry to kindergarten? Looking for a bag that could hold all the affairs of your baby in the crib or in her nanny? This is an opportunity to get a nice custom binder that the child, the teacher or the nurse will recognize the first glance and that will be the pride of your little one.

For the kimono or ballet shoes Wednesday afternoon, or a few layers, a blanket and medicines to the attention of the nanny, we offer red or green backpacks, very practical. So that your child will ease hers to the locker room or the nanny does not mix the affairs of his protégés, customize the flap to make it unique.

Choose the most beautiful portrait of your child, but it can also be an illustration of his favorite hero or a drawing he has made special and add a text, first name, for example. Please see our online wizard tools to add effects to your photo. We faithfully reproduce your creation with a technique called dye sublimation which guarantee long-lasting time.

Christmas or back to school, give your child a personalized binder with a printed photo or embroidered text

For a back-fun classes, discover our complete animal form on which you can embroider the name of your child. We offer fun as the reassuring little pink teddy bear named Emma, ​​Nestor faithful blue dog or kitty a little pink pussy and black trendy models. The great design of these gifts perfectly imitates animals with small ears and legs stylized. Handy with their pockets, the various compartments and padded shoulder straps, they may contain smoothly books and books your little schoolchildren.

You will be able to choose between our son fifteen colors to embroider your text. This may be the name of your toddler or a message of encouragement. Original already, this binder will become unique. He can be proud of and one that will transform the school year in pleasure.

If your child likes dinosaurs, ponies and lions, give him one of our colorful patterns (green, blue or pink) with a small figurine hanging on the front. Composed of two pockets for school affairs, these backpacks are very original. The appointment even more unique by customizing with an embroidered message in one of many colors that we offer.

Give a personalized photo or embroidery to a child entering kindergarten portfolio will dramatize the separation and will easily find its affairs. It is also pleasing to a child by offering him a bag with artwork he wanted and you can not find in stores. An original to offer for a new school year but also for his birthday or Christmas gift.

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