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Faience tiles and custom printed with your photos

Customize the tile your kitchen, your bathroom or your entrance with a photo.
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Hardly Christmas and New Year's Eve past that here already looming large new appointment: Valentine's Day, the anniversary of your loved one (s) of your children or perhaps the your first meeting ... As one of your resolutions this year, you are committed (e) above all to please your loved ones, why not surprise them with a personalized gift? And in the field, this year, the must in this area is undoubtedly the custom tile.

As the name suggests, this type of tile is made especially for decorative referred constitutes at present one of the musts in decorative gift idea. The principle could not be simpler: as you wish, add a photo, a picture, a poem, a text, initials, and all will be printed on the medium in question so that it goes adorn one of favorite places of your friends (shower, kitchen, bedroom, and even why not the toilet or the front steps!).

For a unique decoration in your kitchen, choose a custom tile photo

These objects are déclinables depending on the sensitivity of each form of heart (ideal for lovers transits or neo-parents!), Oval, square, rectangle etc. In short, whatever your desires and your moods, it is possible to create your own decorative item on our creation tool.

For Valentine's Day, go ahead and offer a custom tile shaped little heart for a gift at low cost. While for redecorating your kitchen or bathroom, you can have fun to order multiple copies on which you can print photos from your last vacation or portraits of each family member!

Then up to you, but in any event you now know how pleasantly surprise your loved ones with an original personalized present for their party or for Christmas

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Custom Tile for every occasion
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