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Personalized gift for Mom on Mother's Day or Christmas

Give a personalized gift to your mom to tell her that you love her. An original gift from more than 2,000 for a single mother.
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10,97 €
16,90 €
22,90 €
20,61 €
9,90 €
8,42 €

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Your mom loves you, she proves it every day by his touches, his sacrifices or just words of love that you slip from time to time in your ear. On your side, you want to give him all the love but sometimes you can not express it. Or because you're too young for that, or because you are too modest.

Fortunately, Gravissimo thought of you and concocted a nice selection! A personalized gift for mom will allow you to convey your emotions and love through a practical object, decorative or unusual. Customized with a photo of his children and a lovely affectionate message, the original this is sure to please her, or even make her cry!

You soon fêtiez his birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas, there is always a good opportunity to please his mother, then go ahead and browse our range of original gift ideas and trends.

Indulge your mom for Mother's Day or her birthday with a personalized gift photo

If you have a mother fan of original decoration, discover our pretty paintings canvas or plexiglass. Add your photos to our online tool, place them as you wish, insert your text and in minutes you will have created a unique, modern decorative object that it can install in his room or in the family room!

For those who do leave (almost) never their kitchen, an embroidered apron or a cutting board glass photo will allow her to keep her children close to her. She will appreciate undoubtedly this personalized gift for mom to be as practical as decorative!

Most women love their new engraved lipstick a "Mom I love you," or beautiful embroidered purse or photo that will be as unique as trend!

Finally, for most of them geeks, those who never leave their smartphone or tablet, choose a phone hull or customized tablet. Rather it be iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nexus, iPad Mini, iPad Air or Galaxy Tab, a wide selection of shells or cases available to you. Available in many colors, these products are customized by sublimation color rendering dazzling. Easy to create through our online tool, your custom hull will be completed and delivered very quickly. You will even be delivered in 24 hours only with the option Chrono! A great gift idea for Mother's Day, ideal for those who do not want to overspend while spoiling one that put them in the world!

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