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Personalized gift and original man, the masculine gift idea

Whatever his age, gives him a personalized gift for man with a beautiful message or photo to show him that you love him.

Cadeau personnalisé Homme : The most popular

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It is sometimes difficult to find the ideal present for a man especially if it has enough classic tastes. Gravissimo offers to give her a personalized gift for original man among many products available on the site. Even the classic men will only appreciate a Zippo lighter with a laser engraved aluminum finish, gold or steel. It may not be smoke cigarettes but can enjoy a cigar time to time. A custom cigar humidor, elegant and high quality as those of Adorini or Sareva brand, will make its best effect on a dresser. Your unusual personalized gift male will be complete along with accessories such as cigar cutter or cookie cutter cigar. Even the classic men will only appreciate a Zippo lighter with a laser engraved aluminum finish, gold or steel. It may not be smoke cigarettes but can enjoy a cigar time to time. A custom cigar humidor, elegant and high quality as those of Adorini or Sareva brand, will make its best effect on a dresser. Your unusual personalized gift male will be complete along with accessories such as cigar cutter or cookie cutter cigar.

personalized gift for a man

High-tech products are ideal accessories to customize for a geek man to bring a little cheer throughout the office day. mouse pads, USB and CD-ranks are perfect supports key to print a family photo or your last vacation, to continue to dream. High cover in color or simply printed effectively protect the man's computer. Modern man no longer moves without his cell phone and find effective protection in a custom shell with a picture dear to his heart. This is a beautiful original gift idea for men!

A boy comes with many accessories that may seem superfluous at times but that their usefulness to others. Ride, a camouflaged personalized backpack will allow a kind man cleaning his maglite engraved with his name and his knife to allow him to bring something of his ride. A personalized mug with a single message will be a good way to warm up after this adventure but also be a present full of love for your father with a picture of his children. A picture key chain with photo print of the portrait of a dog or a humorous portfolio will enable it to keep keys and papers away. But the classic personalized gifts remains the personalized pen, especially if it is as big brand Waterman or Parker accompanied by a more elegant gift box. Also think about this for a sportsman with our wrist bracelets and gym bag to customize! Also try our wine gift boxes for your father or husband! Whether you seek a romantic personalized gift, funny or cheap, you are sure to find your happiness to please a man!

Prompted (e) to a birthday party, you want to celebrate a special event or just to please one of your relatives, but you do not know what to get her? Do not worry, we'll help you find a valentine gift or gift ideas fun and original photo. If you have been around ideas and shops over the years and you lack inspiration, personalized gift is the solution you need. With Gravissimo, opt for the more personal gifts, and design yourself a unique photo gift and quality that you can both offer your father, your brother or to a mere acquaintance.

What can we offer a man? it is not easy to find a present to a man, that it is near you or not. In the first case, you certainly used every means over the years to satisfy and surprise your father, your brother or your best friend. In the second case, you certainly know too little taste of your colleagues or your knowledge to know what type of object could please them. Therefore Gravissimo allows you not to hesitate between various conventional products and to directly create the Christmas gift or wedding gift best suited to the person of your choice. Instead of choosing between eternal leather wallet and aftershave that everyone has, you and hands the tools to design the perfect gift.

For a man with classic tastes ... If the man you want to surprise a traditional tastes, it certainly should not be easy to find a present that suits him and that is original. It must have received dozens of bottles of men's fragrances, some bracelets and other silver jewelry and even several times the same type of shirt or pants. So how surprise and please him while respecting his personality? Gravissimo offers dozens of customizable classic products, the lighter the bag to computer via the custom cushion to allow more conventional for men to be satisfied. You can prove your love or friendship by offering a Zippo lighter enhanced by a steel finish, aluminum or gold and a personal inscription laser. If a cigar, you can make single one of our many wineries cigar brands (Sareva Adorini ...) so that you think every time it will use. For sensitive people, a small object such as the turnkey can quickly become very important, especially if it features the portrait of his child or his beloved. In contrast, men enjoying the humor will love models under glass custom in their own image! Finally, Gravissimo offers many models of pens, one of the essential classics when it comes to offer a human gift. Manufactured by leading brands such as Parker and Waterman, these products become real treasures once engraved with a special message. You can embellish this object by accompanying a range-pen mahogany made by us, on which it is also possible to print the best photos of your children or your favorite city brother.

For a man with less traditional tastes ... If the man you want to make this a more modern tastes, Gravissimo also offers large collections of art products and original. To satisfy a bold personality, turn to our collection of custom cases for iPad on which you can print a picture of your choice. With this personalized photo gift both useful and unique, your friend or your brother could not be more surprised! Customizable iPhone cases are available in many colors to suit all tastes. Other modern objects, including high-tech, will also delight the men savvy new technologies: we offer dozens of accessories such as mouse mats, or even custom USB key of Maglites etched their name. These everyday objects, thanks to the unique look that you give them, give to their use another dimension, brightening the working day your husband or your brother. Particularly suitable for printing a family photo, they replace effective and very pleasant way the conventional framework on the desk. Other ideas entirely original can be born from the passion of your man. If one likes to cook (it happens), you can offer a beautiful personalized apron, printing directly on the fabric a photo, text or picture: What combine business with pleasure! If he prefers to just taste wine, opt for a corkscrew Allegro where for example you can carve his name. So you were looking for ideas classic gifts, modern, humorous or good markets for a man that he is close to you or not, Gravissimo allows you to satisfy all tastes, with hundreds of products to customize present in our catalog and our unique expertise.

Endless possibilities for optimal customization. Customizing your object can take many forms, very original. Whether to offer a small object to an acquaintance who invited you or for a gift to signify your commitment to a loved one, Gravissimo allows you to create your own original gifts with the ability to print, burn and sublimate objects made by the best specialists and carefully selected by us.

original gift for a man

Unique gifts and something for everyone! The main advantage of the objects to customize yourself is that they can be offered to anyone and any occasion, thanks to their ability to adapt to circumstances and to change appearance according to your desires and needs. You is possible to change the appearance of the same object depending on the person to whom you offer, but also in relation to the event you want to celebrate with this present. So you can simply decorate a magic mug to offer it to one of your colleagues, or opt for a more emotionally charged appearance if you want to offer the opportunity of Father's Day in the adorning of a family photograph for example. And for a little boy, you can also choose one of our boy children gifts to give as a gift or christening gift of birth.

Birthday, birth, wedding, Christmas, Valentine's Day ... All occasions are good to offer! Opportunities abound to use the tools made available by Gravissimo to beautify your photo gifts: birthdays, births, weddings, family celebrations as well as Christmas and Valentine's Day. For each of these events, we suggest thousands of different products. For original Christmas gifts, we offer for example a picture or cushion our extensive collection of customizable stuffed animals, by printing a family photo on the shirt of the bear, giraffe or reindeer of your choice ! However, to celebrate a birthday, nothing like one of our many high-tech products, such as bags or custom picture iPhone cases. Customizable by printing a photo on their surface, these objects can be offered as well to celebrate the anniversary of your husband to honor Father's Day.

Hundreds of quality products available in our catalog. Gravissimo has a major asset: our catalog contains many and different objects, to offer transformable products that can satisfy all tastes and correspond to all personalities. Therefore, you will be able to find your happiness within our vast collection of gifts, and that the person to whom you wish to offer a present has very classic or very particular tastes. Printed bath towels, engraved lighters, coasters and personalized mugs ... Just browse our website to discover the huge potential we offer to create your own object. Gravissimo, a French company specializing in the design of personalized gifts. Specialized in the manufacture of unique gifts, Gravissimo offers you the opportunity to offer an object perfectly suited to the tastes of all your loved ones, thanks to the many customization methods. We use different tools, from engraving to printing, to make your objects unique. French manufacture. In order to guarantee the quality, Gravissimo has your gifts made in RUMILLY. Our company is therefore economically responsible, and has chosen a French production to ensure optimal reliability for our customers while offering products at very competitive prices. Indeed, we make a point of honor to offer the best objects that are financially accessible to all.

Gravissimo, the specialist of personalized gifts. This is why Gravissimo has become a national leader in the manufacture of personalized gifts. With a rich catalog of more than 2,000 products and more than 100,000 orders satisfied, our company has enjoyed growing success since its inception in 2007. Gravissimo, many benefits and guarantees. But Gravissimo does not stop there, because we also offer you many advantages when ordering. We offer the reception of your personalized gift at home in 24 hours only, thanks to the Chrono.Shipping small prices and free personalization! The products we offer are customizable in a completely free way! Thus, you only pay for the blank object, and you are free to color, write, print, burn at no extra cost.

Very satisfied and unanimous opinions clients. Gravissimo is the French leader in personalized gifts, and we prove it through customer reviews. Trustpilot, one of the evaluation of the most effective platforms online stores, gathered feedback from consumers. They attributed the 9/10 our business: what to give confidence to more reticent! In addition, we have implemented a 100% satisfied that allows people dissatisfied or unhappy with the controlled object to return it without any conditions. We will refund in full in case of dissatisfaction, to guarantee the safe purchase of a gift on our website. So even if you did not have hands, you take no risk in ordering your custom product. Finally, it is possible to consult the views of customers down the page dedicated to each of our products. If you doubt the strength of our corkscrew Baladéo Allegro, you simply have to read the reaction of the people who bought and used. A note is also attributed to each object in our catalog, so that you spot, in a single glance, those most appreciated by our customers. Availability and constant listening. Gravissimo also has an efficient and responsive customer service, able to answer questions and deal with the best possible claims. This is at your disposal to answer all your questions about the quality, availability and features of our products, but also on delivery, payment methods or even from our stock.

100% secure payment. With Gravissimo, make gifts with confidence through our fully secure payment system. Various payment methods are available, each of them perfectly safe. Do not hesitate to trust more Gravissimo to offer a unique and personal gift to the man of your choice! Through customization of our products, enjoy endless opportunities to create yourself the subject best suited to his personality while choosing quality products manufactured by the best specialists

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