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Enjoy with a personalized gift for the whole family

Enjoy the beach, offering a unique and original gift with the photo of your holiday. The table through the linen discover our great gift ideas.

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It's almost summer! When times are good nose tip is removed coats and vests and features our prettiest dresses and our shirts colored; we swapped our boots against sandals or flip flops. With the heat comes, we think picnic, day at the beach; we never forget to hydrate and protect themselves from the sun. The days are getting longer and promise beautiful evenings, appetizers with friends, mosquitoes too ... These are all used to please those around you with small gifts personalized with original and useful.

Among the custom for summer gifts, we offer a wide range of t-Hirts plain white or colored sleeves, polo shirts or tank tops for men, women and children as well as baby bodysuits. Choose clothing that you like best and let your imagination without limits, we offer customization costs. Download one or more photos, a picture, a memory or why not images you are particularly fond of. Then compose a text, phrase or word, while tenderness or humor, it's your choice. Voila, you have made a unique and original clothing that will make a splash!

Direction holidays. For the trip, equip your car custom visor to protect your children from the sun. By creating sunshade with their hero, they will enjoy making little stories is the assurance of a comfortable journey for them and peaceful for you.

In your case, in addition to your t-shirt, think flip-flops for the entire family. Very comfortable thanks to their thick sole, it's the essential accessory on the beach or camping. For a change of basic flip flops, customize the inside with a photo or illustration. You go out of the ordinary and you do not confuse your shoes with the other in the showers at the campsite.

Discover our selection of personalized gifts for crossing the summer, the sea and the beach!

Do not forget to slip into your bag, the towel and wrist band soft sponge to wipe you off the water or when you exercise. Personalized towels are always look great on the beach but it also helps to assign a towel for each safely brawl in siblings. A band of custom wrist a little message of encouragement or humorous restore a small boost to the goodwill of budding athletes. Children will wear these headbands proudly they wear or the portrait of their hero photo.

For outdoor hikes or long sunbathing at the beach, climb all your necessary in backpacks or custom beach. Textile, their precise finishing and strength make quality products. You can also provide the children with our specifically designed for their models. By customizing their bag with a photo or illustration of their favorite heroes will be proud to wear the bag on their back as mom and dad.

In these bags, you will be able to slide your boxes to protect your picnic sand grains or insects. Our lunch box plastic food and large capacity have a customizable cover. Go with the decor of your kitchen or customized with a photo of your pet, a family portrait or the stunning scenery from your last vacation, you light up your picnic in an original and unique way. Remember to moisturize your children carrying while traveling or on the beach a water bottle specially designed for them. Select all the color they prefer and add your pictures, text. Have fun vary your pleasure playing with the art filters that offers our online configurator and admire your live production.

With fine weather, a bit of relaxation in the cool evenings is always nice. Summer is always conducive to drink with friends, neighbors or colleagues. User-friendly that even the mosquitoes will spoil moments! Feel free to provide or offer you a nice oil lamp you'll realize the design yourself. A photo or a few good words to thank your hosts, some drops of essential oil of citronella or scented and enjoy your evening without a fight with mosquitoes oil. For a festive table, have the stylized coasters on the table. We offer various forms on which you will be able to put your best photos, souvenir of an important event, an idyllic and exotic landscape.

Personalized gifts for the summer are both synonymous with good weather, fun and useful. They will make special attention to the one who receives them and give a little original and unique look to your holiday. You will find gifts for all budgets. Do not wait for the summer (you) giving gifts, Christmas, anniversaries, holidays are also opportunities to plan your days at the beach or camping and accessories that accompany them!

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