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Original idea personalized gift for baby and newborn

Discover our personalized baby gifts ideas by personalizing them with your own photo and message.

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36,90 €

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Birth to celebrate, to celebrate anniversary, family reunion ... the happy events succeed and opportunities to offer a personalized baby gift abound. Young and old will be delighted by the wide selection of unique gifts offered by Gravissimo to mark new way of those sweet moments shared.

From cuddly hug to the image of your being the most valuable, the key chain plush whose shirt is printed with the name of your child not to mention the jewelry engraved with the date of birth, find a flower with baby gifts pictures for kids, which is being celebrated their birth, 3 months, 6 months or their one year!

Baby gifts are a must when visiting the happy parents to motherhood. You can also search for original christening gift or Christmas gift for baby and in this case you are at right place! Bathrobe, cape or bathrobe can be printed with a photo or embroidered with the text of your choice. We also offer an embroidered blanket that will accompany this baby for many years. Customizing this baby gift will allow your child to more easily find his blankie customized if lost or forgotten. Find an original personalized baby gift will be a breeze. A baby gift ideas such as a photo contest backpack or baby pajamas or a single object decoration for the baby room will be original gifts through the unique customization that you have added.

Offer a personalized baby gift newborn and his parents

Compose a unique, personal message for a newborn or parent, select a nice shot or an important date, and choose your support to give them an original and emotional gift of birth. Grandparents, aunts, godfathers, godmothers, or friends, do not be short of original ideas to celebrate a birth or a birthday and stand out with dad and mom by choosing a personalized baby gift, unique and original for the newborn, be it a girl or a boy. A child gift to make yourself, thanks to our personalization assistant that allows you to create and imagine your present. Special attention is paid by Gravissimo to the quality of the items offered and customer service so that the whole family can find the gift that suits him!

Baby personalized gifts accompany your child for many years: personalized teddy comforting Cow Choupy or Lion Simba for his first steps in the nursery, the mug funny child with his image to brighten his meals, a baby bib with their name to accompany its future food experiences layer or the door that will delight moms wherever they go with baby.

recreational function, useful or decorative, printed photo or message engraved, high object color or discreet accessory, discover a wide range of unique and timeless present to mark the lives of your most loved ones, to provide for their birth, anniversary or for Christmas. Children can become the great keep these baby gifts like a fond memory the taste of childhood.

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