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Personalized baby shower gift for pregnant woman and baby

Give a personalized gift to mom for her baby shower. Unique and original gifts for her and her baby to this important moment of her pregnancy.
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8,90 €

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What exactly is a baby shower? Do not translate literally, this is a prenatal party, from the United States, which is organized before the baby is born when his mom and him will be celebrated, surrounded by her friends (usually only girls! ). This is a time of day (breakfast, afternoon or snack) where you can savor delicious dishes, we play fun games around pregnancy and above it gives gifts to the mother! Whether it is for it to take care of it or to spoil their children, find the right idea by choosing a personalized gift for a baby shower.

For several years, this festival democratizes growing in France, Spain or Italy. This unique day will symbolize the change for your friend's status of women to that of mother. In general, it's between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy for the mother to be fit enough but also sufficiently reassured by the good progress of her pregnancy. Some prefer or will have no choice but to organize the party after the baby is born (for health reasons or superstition). This works!

The men, of course dad, may also be present at the party with friends. It's up to you to choose what suits you best! Gifts for mom or embroidered clothing for the baby, you can imagine all the possibilities to please your friend, your sister or daughter.

Choose a personalized gift for a baby shower and pamper the mom and baby!

Whether you yourself are organizing your own baby shower or your best friend, Gravissimo offers ideas to offer a personalized gift for a baby shower and create its own decoration! Treats, activities, small gifts given to guests, think of everything to make sure that this event is a success!

For decoration, it is essential to have chosen a theme, a color associated with the event. To facilitate this choice, it is always better to know the baby's gender that will guide you in your decision. Then it'll just create your personalized decoration for the event.

A beautiful personalized photo frame taking a photo of prospective parents when born will be ideal to create an original atmosphere. Everyone will wonder or guess who would like infant (ra) the most! Also create coasters taking your theme or nice mugs photos. Each guest will leave with his to keep a souvenir of this unique day.

Why not fill this original mug with a handle engraved dragees? With a picture and text, these traditional sweets can be offered to your guests on this occasion. You understood, Gravissimo is there to support you both in the preparation and in the course of your event and you will create a perfect atmosphere to make the future happy mom!

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