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Personalized gift idea for the birthday of a 2 year old

Discover our personalized baby gifts. More than 2000 gift ideas embroidery or print with a photo or a name. Good ideas for loved ones and family.
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Your child will soon celebrate its 2 years and you are preparing a birthday party that he will remember! Good thing it is at this age that he will realize that this event is held in his honor and he will build his earliest memories. And the party runs perfectly, plus a nice decoration and a beautiful cake, it must find gift ideas that will amaze! To do this, offer a personalized gift for baby 2 years and be sure to make him happy.

To renew the decoration of his room and there add color, choose a nice snow globe printed with a family photo! Or, print on canvas painting a picture or cartoon illustration of his or her favorite hero. With this original idea, you're sure to get a hit with your little girl or your little boy!

Discover our beautiful plush very cute photos! Many animals are available, so you can easily find the animal he loves, the lion giraffe, through the monkey or duck. This new toy will come replaced in seconds any he has received since his birth, because it will be unique and image!

For fashion-conscious little girls, go for an original gift box with a nice engraved jewelry. Accompany this personalized pendant chain for children with an ideal length of 25 or 38 cm.

This anniversary is also an opportunity to please the dad and the mom. Why not offer them a picture cushion taking the most beautiful little face of their little 2 year old boy? You understood, here you are sure to find a personalized gift for baby 2 years and all his family!

Give a personalized gift for a 1 year old baby and be original for this anniversary!

Your baby has grown since its birth, it is now a young child, autonomous in many things and he wants to know. Consider offering him one of our beautiful custom binders that will take him to the nanny or nursery for easy carry her blanket, a pacifier and all his toys he never wants to leave! To him now to prepare its business in the morning in her very cute backpack!

And to show him that it is now a big boy, give him his first kit, printed with the photo of your choice and her name so he could keep his crayons and markers!

If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea successfully for a great baby 2 years, discover the child aprons can be personalized with a name, a date or a funny message! Available in several colors, these quality aprons suitable for children measuring over 90 cm.

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