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Personalized gift for baby or infant age 1 month

Discover our good ideas gift ideas for a new born among more than 2000 references. Pretty baby gifts to offer at birth.
36,90 €

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The first months of baby's life is more important, no doubt. After a few days in the maternity ward, he entered fully into the life of his parents, he found his room and his environment. The first bath, first smile and the first sleepless nights punctuated this single month! And often, new parents or relatives are keen to mark this event a milestone. By choosing a personalized gift for baby 1 month, you're sure to choose an object or a garment that will touch the heart recipients and can be kept for long.

Among our range of products to celebrate the mensiversaire (or moisiversaire!) Of an infant, find the bodys custom embroidery of the first name or a funny messages such as "I have one month and I'm (almost) my nights! ". Choose the thread color and the font and we make for you a baby clothes tailored. And as we know at this age they grow quickly, do not worry this embroidered gift will not be stored in the attic after a few weeks. Instead, the mom in memory for a long time because it will keep the unique and remind him of the early days lived with her child since birth!

As for toys, it is possible that your little girl or little boy already fallen for one of the items received at birth he or she has not left since. But if this is not the case, enjoy his birthday to create a custom security blanket that will be embroidered with his name and phone number to avoid losing or so with a funny message or a cute nickname you gave your child. Look also among our custom cloth with a photo and text. She will accompany baby throughout his childhood and can also be used to decorate her room in an original way.

Give a personalized gift to mark one month of your baby and take unique memories of this unique age

Speaking of room decoration, a snow globe "Baby" to customize with the most beautiful picture of your daughter or your son (available in blue and pink) will bring a unique touch and tend to that room. For an original gift, offer a snow globe with a picture of the child at birth. So his mom and dad can see how he or she has changed in just a few weeks!

And if you plan to baptize your child very soon, check out our personalized pendants. Plated gold or silver, beautiful jewelry engraved with his picture and a date and surname are available. We also selected the channels 25 and 38 cm length to fit perfectly to the youngest. Here is a christening gift that is sure to surprise the parents happy.

Finally, at the exit of the bath, a young child always needs to be kept warm. That's why we offer a wide selection of baby towel with hood or without, to personalize with a color photo and a message or with an embroidered text for an elegant gift and quality.

You understand a personalized gift for baby 1 month you will spoil the child but also his dad and his mom by offering an item they can keep even when it is no longer useful for their bundle of joy .

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