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Zippo Lighter Personalized Engraved photo + cheap text

Personalize and burn your zippo with your photos and text. An original and unique personalized gift for all smokers! ✓ free delivery
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They made and are proud of Gravissimo. Our genuine Zippo custom made lighters made in USA directly imported from our American friends, are engraved by percussion for Zippo® Polish and by laser on matte models (matte in English). Customize your own engraved Zippo lighter, this legendary product, which will become thanks to you an original and unique gift! Do you want to have a Zippo engraved? Nothing more simple, in a few clicks you will be able to customize and order your engraved lighter! Your friend or dad can easily slide his new photo gift into the pocket of his pants to follow him everywhere.

Customizing a custom lighter is very easy with Gravissimo! Add a name or a personal image and create in a few moments a nice Zippo lighter. Your order is fully secure and will allow you to offer original gifts to those you love, for Valentine's Day or Christmas.

How to choose a personalized Zippo lighter?

Some models are customized with mechanical engraving (diamond tip), which provides a kind jewelry made with a good record of degraded while maintaining a smooth surface to the touch. Therefore, you have a very faithful rendering pictures with a result of discreet and unalterable personalization. This technique is applied to the silver or golden metal models in particular.

Other custom Zippo lighters engraved with a laser beam which removes a layer on the surface of the lighter (about 0.5mm) to bring up the body of Zippo which may be gold or silver depending on model . With laser engraving, it is not possible to reproduce gradations of an image. However through a proprietary process, we can burn all your photos or images with a very good record.

As is the case for all our photo gifts, we recommend using good quality photos to look better. Be careful also not to use writing font sizes too weak to risk your text unreadable. In fact, it is very simple: if you do not read your text on the preview at your customization, then it is likely that you do not get to read it on your engraved Zippo.

You also have the choice among our personalized lighters storms, among themes that we offer. For motorcycle addicts, discover the Harley Davidson lighters for fans of music we suggest the Rolling Stones lighters, U2 or Bob Marley, and for those who are passionate about sport, we recommend the soccer match or the Zippo basketball. You will find a wide selection of models, with round or square edges rather, to choose according to your taste. The personalized engraving on your lighter storm lets you choose the pattern that you like or add several personal photos pell-mell way. Your lighter fuel will be delivered in its original packaging in a very fast time (shipping offered within 7 days).

Offer a unique personalized gift with an engraved Zippo lighter!

Complete your smoker range with a leather case or a personalized Zippo gift box, consisting of a stone and a bottle of gasoline. The ideal supplement to offer an original and personalized gift ready. Indeed, for security reasons, all our refillable lighters are shipped without gasoline inside. We therefore recommend buying a bottle of lighter fuel surcharge (available in our store or in all tobacco shops).

It's your turn ! Choose your model of customizable Zippo to enhance your collection and then click Create to imagine your personalization and direct visualization rendering. With a few clicks, you can make an engraved gift. A beautiful gift idea for smoking, to offer for a birthday, for Mother's Day or Father's Day! A Zippo engraving will be the best of ideas personalized gifts for a loved one. Far more valuable than advertising or lighter than a disposable bic lighter, your personalized Zippo will be offered for a Christmas gift or as a memorable wedding gift. You can also choose this accessory for smoking man or woman to provide a top business end gift to your most loyal customers.

Promotional items will allow you to offer original business gifts to your employees, suppliers or customers. While for women you can choose a model Zippo Slim, finer, you can choose for these gentlemen the traditional model High Polish. Have your customizable lighter engraved with a design, a portrait or your company logo. The personalized photo engraving offers a quality rendering and an unalterable marking over time.

The personalized Zippo, a quality gift, guaranteed for life!

Since 2007, Gravissimo is the market leader in custom Zippo lighter! We offer more than 100 different models. Trust our expertise and know-how to offer real Zippo engraved in a precise and professional way. Whether by mechanical engraving or laser, your customizable Zippo with photo and text, will offer you a unique lighter and with a lifespan foolproof!

To complete your personalized gift idea, you can accompany our articles with photo engraving. For examples jewelry photo as the heart pendant plated with silver or gold chain or bracelet with the initials. also offer a personalized pen box, clock, fridge magnet or a personalized mug. decorative item or for everyday use, you can also offer a picture frame, a custom iPhone case, an ergonomic mouse pad or a photo plush.

Fancy or original, our gift ideas to charm the whole family! Embark on customizing your next Christmas gifts and have fun around you.

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