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Consumables for smokers: Gasoline, Wick ...

Need supplies for your zippo? Discover our stones lighter wicks, gas ...
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Zippo lighters and Sarome are pieces of exquisite that it still holds a lot, especially if they are personalized. You will be able to keep them longer thanks to consumables for smokers we offer: inserts, locks, stones, petrol or gas, everything needed to make the most of your recent acquisition.

Our lighters are refillable, with either petrol or gas depending on the model (Zippo Blu operate with such gas). Depending on your usage, you will need to fill the tank once a week or more. So plan to have a vial in advance. Our refills are guaranteed without impurities and delivered with different tips for all models.

All models are supplied without gas and without gas for safety issues. We therefore strongly recommend ordering one or two refills on your first order. And to provide an elegant gift, make the choice of a gift box that already contain a bottle of gasoline and stones, in addition to your personalized lighter course!

Plan ahead and order today supplies for your personalized lighter!

Bits and stones, in turn, are small mechanical parts which normally wear out over time and should be replaced regularly, often every 2 or 3 months. A case will last you a long time but you still have to think about having to hand not to miss.

The Zippo brand guarantees its life products but failure can happen. Not to stop your product for several days, keep an insert in reserve. All are interchangeable, simply choose the one that fits your model.

To ensure the proper functioning of your custom lighter, we recommend the use of consumables for smokers of the brand manufacturer. To be ordered together with your personalized gift for sighted to reduce the shipping cost or as your consumption.

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