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Case custom cigarettes and smoking accessory

Accessories for smokers and cigarette cases, boxes ...
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Object indispensable for all smokers to cigarette butts and ashes of cigarettes or cigars, the ash is no longer hidden. It takes different forms, becomes an object of design and decor Gravissimo he personalizes! It also finds its place at the center of a table of card players on a table in the garden.

Our smoking accessories are customized from your photos with a logo or message to make practical objects, original and unique.

Opportunities to provide personalized ashtray are numerous. To make a useful gift for Father's Day, decorate it with a drawing made by children or a portrait of them. For the birthday of a colleague, enter a message telling her how much you appreciate them. Your best friend is getting married? For his bachelor party funeral offer him a funny testimony.

Offer an accessory for smoking to make her happy and complete its array of custom objects

Everyone can customized the ashtray as he sees fit. Upload your photos, add a message and vary the pleasure with artistic filters and fonts offered by our online wizard. Music fans will be pictures of their favorite band, song lyrics; fans of motorcycle or car over their beautiful bodies and lovers portrait of your loved one.

If you are an entrepreneur, why not equip your company or restaurant with ashtrays in the image of your business by printing your logo and slogan. They will look great on the tables of your brewery or make promotional items for your year-end gifts to clients or at trade shows.

Accessories for smokers are a gift idea that is both original, useful and cheap offer to a cigarette enthusiast for his birthday, his birthday, Christmas or just to equip your office, your home or business. For large quantities, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

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Custom accessory for smokers for every occasion
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