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Custom scented candle with your photo

Customize your candle with a romantic picture. An original touch in your home, apartment and more precisely the room.
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Personalize your interior in an original way with our customized candles models. A unique touch to bring warmth and gentleness in your apartment or house. To create your customized picture candle, no need to be a professional computer! Indeed, our creative tool helps you imagine the unique personalization that you want to make the single cover our customizable candles. Add all the items you want (background color, photo, drawing, logo, text, date, ...) and position them as you wish, without any constraints.

Your customized scented candle is a romantic gift to give for Valentine's Day! Do not arrive empty-handed and bring this original present with friends who you have invited to dinner, they will be blown away by this so original gift that changes the traditional bottle of wine. A personalized gift that will please everyone, men and women, and that will add a warm touch to any interior.

Your customized plug allows you to create a unique customization also on the occasion of family events like baptism, wedding or anniversary. And if you want your guests to take home a souvenir, order a set of personalized candles taking up the theme and date of your event. You can thus replace traditional sweets by the original personalized gift and practical! Contact us for a custom quote if you want to make a big order (over 30 pieces).

Offer a personalized candle gift for a souvenir or a gift original decor

Mother's Day gift, wedding gift or Valentine's Day gift, personalized candle in small or large format, will entice the whole family! For a man or woman, choose this decorative object that can contribute softness to a room or a living room. Personalized cover will bring a touch really unique to your gift.

Order your photo candle to the unit and take advantage of our very fast shipping methods if there is a last minute gift! This happens to everyone to forget a birthday coming up, so do not worry with the delivery Chrono, you can receive your personalized photo gift within 24 hours only! A unique opportunity to please your woman and surprise her with a very thoughtful gesture.

Recharge your personalized gift ideas by browsing our extensive range of products. To decorate the whole house, discover Deco ideas of objects to personalize with photos of your choice. Capture your holiday memories, your evenings with friends or perform a humorous customization for an upcoming event. If you are looking for original gifts, you are exactly right! Photo, text, statement, illustration, copy your creations to infinity decorations on objects or personalized gifts, to offer the whole family.

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Custom candle for every occasion
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