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Transmission and Boxed Custom Jewelry printed with your Photo

Store all your jewelry, your pendants, necklaces or rings your in our wooden jewelry boxes personalized with a photo and message.
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A personalized jewelry box is both a decorative and a useful object that allows you to maintain and protect all necklaces or earrings that you held. Gravissimo offers you to personalize your jewelry box with text or photos. Thus, this object will be unique and original in addition to being useful!

Offer a personalized pendant with a pretty original jewelry box

Through our various models of boxes, there is something for everyone. And for all occasions! Whether for Christmas, a birthday, baptism, birth or mother's day, these personalized jewelry boxes delight their recipients!

For Christmas or a birthday, they can also be offered in addition to a pendant or bracelet to customize. This will allow you to offer a comprehensive and unique to your loved ones this: a beautiful pendant and jewelry box that accompanies so be sure to keep this original gift!

Ask customized in your jewelry box with a photo of your child

To offer as a gift for a christening or birth, it will make an ideal and most original present! To be sure not to buy the same clothes comforters or other, consider a jewelry box to personalize with a photo of the baby and her name and date of birth for example. This will allow parents to store different bracelets and pendants received as a gift and the child to keep in memory for a long time one of his very first present.

For Mother's Day, here's a new idea to avoid offering him the traditional perfume or salon treatment! With this box square or round custom jewelry, surprise your mom with a gift she can see and use every day to keep her necklaces, bracelets and earrings favorite ears while thinking of his beloved children. With the latest family photo and a message filled with tenderness, that this will affect the fail.

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Custom jewelry box for every occasion
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