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Baby One Custom printed or embroidered with photo or name

Personalize a baby body with a photo, text and even a name. A lovely personalized gift for a birthday, Christmas or a birth.
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Each baby is unique, but one of your friends is even more than others, and you want it to be known! We have for you the original birth gift ideal, both customized and cute! personalized baby body allows you to fill a baby girl or baby boy.

By offering an original baby body from the range that is offered, be sure that your gift will leave a lasting memory for both the parents and baby itself! Add to your liking baby name and birth date or a catchy phrase, whether humorous, tender or simply poetic.

A wide choice of fonts is proposed for the text adopted, depending on the model. Try therefore Saloon police, Staccato or Typewriter! You can also change the size, angle and color of your text. Let your feelings, your humor and your love creating from scratch a personalized gift.

A unique birth gift with a personalized baby body

On some white models, it is also allowed you to print the picture of your choice, drawing on your own image bank or one we already offer. So, nobody but you will have had the idea of ​​this personalized gift tailored to your tastes! Whether you choose the body or long sleeve bodysuit for baby embroidered cotton, you can supplement it with a cap birth to create a perfect birth kit.

Add music notes, a cat, a star, a heart, give free rein to your imagination to create your personalized body good to you! A gift idea birth or baptism gift that is sure to please mom and dad.

Whether you opt for marinara or solid color, you have a choice in the placement and size of your text and photos, with the ability to combine the two, depending on the model.

This boy girl birth gift make it easier for parents who will no longer need to answer the question: How is called your cute little baby? Indeed, his name will be entered directly on the body Birth! Otherwise opt for humor with a type of sentence: I have one more month than last month. then we will no longer pose the question of his age!

A unique birth gift with a personalized baby body

Seeking birth of a baby gift? Discover our baby bodysuits that will allow you to offer personalized gifts, practical and original! And for a full birth gift box, also choose a personalized baby bib and a baby bonnet, birth, custom t-shirt and baby pajamas. Create a collection for baby unique personalized baby clothes that parents receive only once! Compose an original birth keychain made clothes birth and an embroidered bathrobe to create a real baby together. original birth gifts are also great gift ideas for mom, personalized with the picture, pattern or the text of your choice.

Give a personalized baby gift on the occasion of a birth or girl birth boy is a wonderful idea! For the mom could compose his set of birth or maternity suitcase, she will appreciate receiving a body baby original that you can attach to the sleeping bag or cot linen.

Bodysuit baby boy, very convenient with snap, will be part of the original gifts for the baby room that you can offer at the birth of the newborn. A custom garment will allow parents happy to get unique and original baby gifts!

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