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Personalized jewelry printed or engraved with picture, text or name

Our jewelry can be customized with photos or text. Insurance is a gift that comes from the heart.

Personalized jewelry : The most popular

19,90 €
18,91 €

The custom jewelry is, par excellence, the engraved gift more personal to offer to those we love. Each pendant, bracelet or earrings history, his message, his precious time to keep with you, for you to create this magic.

Transmit, through an engraved message, your precious feelings or memories engraved on a necklace. A name, a date to celebrate a birth, a majority, a meeting or a wedding. A message of love for Valentine's Day, the birthday of a man or a woman. An engraved or printed photo to keep the loved one close to his heart. As many original jewelry ideas opportunities. Be guided by our wizard and compose your customized as you wish. A truly personalized gift to yourself to please his family and friends.

A personalized jewelry cheap, created by a real jeweler

We will provide special care to faithfully reproduce your message or picture with diamond etching technique jewelers that guarantees finishing and precise detail. This method of engraving plays on the reflection of light leaving the surface of the jewel matte contrast with the raw material. Depending on the model, some images are reproduced using the technique of sublimation and absorb the colors in the material to render true to the original.

For children or adults, you have spoiled for choice from our wide range of personalized jewelry to offer. To please a child, give her a personalized bracelet with the portrait of his favorite star or her pet, for he is always with him. For a teenager, consider offering him a dog tag engraved, object straight out of the US so he could put his desires of the moment and share with peers. Our leather and steel bracelets will also seduce your son who wants to display a unique style! Think about it for its 18 or to congratulate him on his success in the baccalaureate.

Beautiful personalized jewelry to offer every opportunity

To dazzle the woman who shares your life, offer a unique gift with a heart shaped pendant, silver or gold plated, to show him all the love that you wear it!

And do not forget our animal friends to whom we can customize an engraved medallion or picture, so that we can always find them!

Our range of pendants engraved bracelets or earrings complemented with a wide range of channels needed to immediately bring your gift, jewelry boxes, also to customize or keychain photo. Choose a cheap personalized jewelry and create a tender moment by offering a personalized gift for a baptism or a birth to a baby or young child.

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