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Personalized baby bib embroidered or printed photo + name

Our cheap baby bibs to customize add smiles to your toddler. bibs photos or embroidery for a truly unique result.
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Babies, too, their personalized gifts with our range of bibs that will brighten up their meals and protect from dirt.

essential accessory in baby range, personalized bib follow the newborn its first bottle to his first spoonful and often it will be kept as a childhood memory. This is a baby gift to remember the birth of lists to make an impression very long with an original and unique customization. Choose a photo birth, compose a message of congratulations or register a name, a date and follow the instructions of our wizard. Your baby bib will be very easy to create and you will easily find an original birth gift.

The bib birth is one of the essential of the birth list. Beside the high chair, the sleeping bag embroidered, rattle, stroller, car seat or a hooded towel terry, personalized with embroidery, your bib apron is a personalized baby gift to mark the spirits. Useful when motherhood, this personalized baby gift will follow up its six months at her first baby meal! That the mother has chosen to breastfeed or bottle, baby bib is a must.

Personalized for the most beautiful children bib

Personalization on your photo bib is by the color sublimation technique. The color impregnated into the material guarantee longevity and allows you to wash the product to the machine without risk of leaching.

Ideal for protecting its soiling clothes meals, bib attaches quickly around the baby's neck through a scratch or links. White with different finishes: blue edge, yellow or pink, printed bibs conform to EN71 standard European safety for children, ensuring robustness and security.

Also try our bibs embroidered cotton that can match with a baby bodysuit embroidered, and small slippers available in your gift box birth. Here as original birth gift ideas that beautiful baby girl or baby boy.

Offer a personalized bib with a photo of the happy parents

Personalized bib is a gift for a baptism or a birth, at low cost to offer your child, nephew, niece or godchild (e). He will fly fail in the hearts of new parents. For the birth of baby, parents need to equip the necessary childcare (play mats, changing table, pacifier, changing bags or protects health record). Accompany them in choosing their baby bib trend and customized!

With Gravissimo, recharge your baby birth gift idea. For the baby room, choose a custom cuddly teddy bear shaped or giraffe that can be matched to the decor of the room (carpets, cushion, blanket, crib bumper, ...). Discover a bathrobe or bathrobe and towel to personalize with a pattern or embroidery with baby's name. Finally, we offer a birth kit with socks, hat and pajamas baby soft. The mother will be very happy to drag these baby clothes in the maternity suitcase.

Give a personalized birth gift is guaranteed to please mom and dad but also the tiny infant who may keep a memory of his birth. Place your order on our secure shop and have fun personalizing original birth gifts. For mom or baby, decorative items as a custom picture frame or photo cushions are baby gifts more original.

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Personalized baby bib for every occasion
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