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Sports headband, tennis and greenhouse wrist personalized photo

Opt for a trendy sport style with a wrist band personalized with a photo and message.
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The custom wrist band will allow you to wipe your perspiration during your sporting activities. So practice this item sponge prevent having sweat in the eyes. See our wide range of colors: white, black, yellow, red or blue and all for less than 6 €. At a low price, you can offer several well! Gift for man or woman to offer any self-respecting sports!

Personalize a wrist band with a photo or a name

So that the images you send us are developed, we use a technique called sublimation. The photo is impregnated into the fabric sponge which will render quality and very faithful to what you have created. Our team will enhance your image and text.

A wrist band personalized sponge, gift idea for a man or woman sporting

You have very sporting friends who complain of having nothing nearby to wipe during jogging or tennis match, for example? Headband wrist sponge is the ideal personalized gift picture. To offer at a birthday or Mother's Day or Father's Day if your parents are athletes? For gyms or business, you can add your logo and your slogan. And thus to provide, sell or offer in your gym or at sporting events! Be original and creative, are you advertising cost!

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Custom wrist band for every occasion
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