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Create your photo album and your personalized book

  • photo book available in several formats
  • hard personalized cover with text and picture
  • Fast delivery in 24 hours available
  • Online Wizard, No software to install
  • High definition printing on glossy paper 250g / m²
  • No minimum pages
  • Number of pictures / unlimited texts per page
  • Clear pricing with no surprises: € 10.90 cover + 1 € per page
  • Several themes to choose

Photo Album Classic White

29,90 € 10 pages
(€ 1 the page +)
Gravissimo offers the possibility to create a personalized photo book! You have lots of pictures and instead of storing them in a cupboard or on your computer, you would like to be able to watch the most? You can do with this Classic white photo album. Enjoy a dozen templates available for you to add your photos to different locations (one to six different photos per page). You can also add your text in the customization areas provided. Everything will be framed by a nice white trim, elegant and modern. Ended photo frames that snap, create your customized photo book with your photos printed on white. Here is an original photo gift for capturing memories with family or friends. Make your big events stories and relive the best moments of your life through the photo album! You are more recently dad or mom, create a photo album on the birth of your child, memories that we must capture and keep! A marriage around you, here's a great gift idea to design yourself for that moment is forever engraved in our memories. 50 years of your dad, this is the perfect opportunity to create a book with him all his fondest memories in! Create a photo album in landscape format on white background. Your photos will be printed on quality glossy paper 250g / m². To illustrate your photos, you can decide to put a text with the choice of font, color and size of the write. Hard cover is also customizable. We offer an online wizard, you will not need to download any software! For this gift even more enjoyable, flip the family. Remember your finest moments with this personalized photo album by you. Pass this generation to generation photo book for your memories are still in your family and your grandchildren can also know your history, your traditional album has better watch out.
Photo Album Classic White - 30 x 20 cm

Choose your size

Sold Out

Photo Album Classic Black

29,90 € 10 pages
(€ 1 the page +)
Keep your favorite photos on a timeless support with this classic black photo album. Enjoy the warmth and elegance of this album model where a black background will be applied on all pages, from frame your pictures with modern and sublimate them. Your photo book can be created quickly and easily through our online design tool. An effective and original way to keep memories you do not want to see disappear. Enjoy quality photo albums at bargain prices! Your photos will be printed on glossy paper (grammage 260g / m2). With Gravissimo, no surprises when finalizing your order, the tariff is clear and includes all options: Hard personalized cover, thick photo paper, glossy finish. Shipping is free within 7 days and in case of emergency, for a last minute gift, you can receive your personalized photo album within 48 hours. Create a customized photo book by adding your own photos and text on each page. We offer a wide range of templates and layouts for you to choose for each page the way you have your photos. Full page, in mounting peels mixes fashion collage or scrapbook, or mosaic, your personal images will be highlighted in the best possible way with the black background present on this album model. Offer this personalized gift to your mom for the next Mother's Day and surprise her! Use this original photograph object to create a scrapbook that will keep very long. Create a photo album has never been so pleasant with layouts that we offer. The hardest part will select the pictures you choose to add this photo gift. Exercise your creativity and imagination through the creation tool online!
Photo Album Classic Black - 30 x 20 cm

Choose your size

Sold Out

Embark on the adventure of the photo book. Discover this novelty in Gravissimo that allows you to create your own personalized photo album. This picture book is to offer personalized gift for occasions: Baby birth anniversary meeting, Christmas, travel to the other end of the world ... So many reason to want to keep your memories on a single support and practical. Create a photo album has never been so easy and fast! Have fun and enjoy the results in a moment through our online creation software. Leave room for your creativity and imagine a unique photobook!

Today, we take several pictures a day, either with a digital camera and now with the latest generation smartphones offering quality digital photography equal. The custom object is the best way to give life to these images and can admire every day. Whether you choose a custom shell, mini photo book or a photograph sticker XXL, you'll take pleasure in imagining an original support for your most beautiful portraits or family holiday memories. The best photos you have taken will be developed and maintained with these custom objects.

Offer a personalized photo book by Gravissimo

Create a unique book with the many possibilities of layout and themes that we offer. Indeed, you can choose the number of pages that best fits your requirements. At Gravissimo, no minimum required pages, your photo album will contain only 2 pages or 10 pages for example. This picture object will complement your collection of photo gifts. Take the opportunity to discover and also offer a personalized mug or a picture cushion.

Enjoy the best quality at low prices! Your photos will be printed on a satin glossy photo paper quality, with a weight 250g / m². We have chosen for you a type of satin quality paper and use a Kodak printer for rendering bright and true colors.

And you can put a lot of shots on this album, the number of images per page is unlimited! To illustrate your memories, you can decide to add text with the choice of font, color and size of the write. This will allow you to caption and clarify when playing your photo album book. Hard cover is also customizable (outside edge). To have your photo album to be the best, you can choose a theme that will give an extra charm to your photos. Discover a birthday theme, travel photos, birth or Valentine's Day to declare your love to your girlfriend or wife.

Share this personalized photo album with family

For this personalized gift even more enjoyable, flip the family. Enjoy your most beautiful vacation memories with your children, share the most beautiful moments of your wedding with your friends or even remember this wonderful journey you have made with family this summer! Make a photo book on the events of your life (back to school your children, birthday ...), which you can keep for many years and you can give your children when they grow up, so they can also share them with their children later. Make an original birthday gift has never been easier thanks to the personalized photo album! also think about it for a Christmas present unusual that remémorera you all the photos taken during the past year. And for Father's Day, slide it all the moments with your man and his children since birth.

Turn the great moments of your life in a special photo book to your image, your traditional album had better watch out! No more fear of losing your personal data on your smartphone, PC or external hard drive. Be sure to maintain access to your photos memories dearest thanks to the personalized photo album Gravissimo. And if you have a photo shot of heart, use the cover photo! And if you want to see displayed in full screen in your living room, try the side of our mountings or photo on canvas for wall decoration XXL!

Gravissimo offers a delivery time unbeatable! Your photo album can be delivered to you in 24h (if order placed before noon). Delivery will be Express within 3 days. So, no bad surprises when finalizing your order. A quality photo book with customizable hard cover and glossy paper weight 250g / m² for 1 € per page, you will not find better elsewhere! Photo printing has been our job for almost 10 years, so trust us and you will not be disappointed!

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