Wall sticker design and original color adhesive for decoration

Discover very original wall stickers. A very wide arrange of stickers was Variety of topics Such As paris, sport, nature or Even a Zen atmosphere.

Take advantage of our expertise in wall stickers with a wide selection of quality vinyl. If you want to make an original gift to one of your children, your wife or father who wants to change his wall decoration easily, why not offer a gift Deco consists of a wall decoration and design? Indeed, our high quality adhesives have the advantage of being set by the push of a vertical surface. And a decorative sticker is used to change the mood of a child's bedroom or kitchen as often as you like. Depending on the age and tastes of your child, you can offer a gift a child sticker or a wall frieze can represent animals such as sheep, a fox, a cat yawning, a teddy bear sticker, or chick wearing a winter dress (this type of model certainly entertain a lot or a baby boy less than two years). If your son loves nature, you can offer it as decor gift grass of representative models or flowers that will look great on skirting of her room. Other models available on our website represent butterfly, flowers, quotes, or trees populated parakeets, coconut palms, bamboo, baobab trees where many other types of plants. All these deco design stickers allow your child to give her room the feel of a real natural park by adding an original wallpaper. And if you're looking for a birthday gift, select a baby sticker that will bring a touch of sweetness to decorate his room. If you like the atmosphere of the North Pole, choose a sticker that is populated ice decoration of two penguins, a seal and a whale. For a fun home decor in your bathroom for example! You can also choose a kitchen sticker that you can stick on the wall of the dishwasher. Also try our fridge adhesives models that will bring color in the family kitchen.

A wall sticker for an original decoration in your home

For sports enthusiasts men team and particularly football, offer a sports wall sticker representing a stopping accuracy guard a shot on goal, a rugby player turning an essay or a basketball player scoring a beautiful basket. Another sticker sticker model representing a tennis player wearing a red undershirt, orange, yellow or purple will surely please a man passionate about this sport. Other models (to stick on a door, wall or window) represent sports such as basketball, golf, skateboarding, dancing or karate. To help complete the sporty ambience in a room boy, you can also offer a decorative kit showing a checkered flag, a trophy, sneakers or a rugby ball in wall decoration. A decorative sticker will certainly appeal to your wife if she loves the great voyages that uncover fascinating places. So, if she had a New York stay that left him an exceptional memory or whether she dreams one day to go, a unique adhesive which represents the Statue of Liberty certainly will make him happy. It will be the same if your teenage daughter wants to put in his room sticker sticker evoking monuments of Delhi or London. His taste for discovery of foreign countries could also be filled with an adhesive on Deco which include African or Chinese proverbs with adhesive lettering. If you have admiration for the stars of the movie or song, a personalized sticker will remind you of the remarkable benefits of your favorite stars. It is the same with regard cartoon hero wall sticker for your child will want to be in the company of his favorite characters in his personal universe. For professionals, also discover our adhesives you customize advertising to obtain a sticker with the logo of your company. Printing and cutting your wall decal is produced directly in our workshops, based in Marseille. Our adhesive products are made in France from a high quality vinyl that guarantees an easy installation and a very good stability over time.

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