Magnet Deco trend, original to your refrigerator or dishwasher

Choose one of our decorative magnets to the bring splashes of color to your home at low prices.

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Are you looking for an original gift or just decorate your home with a touch of decoration? Is that the decor magnet is for you! With patterns as diverse as animals, flowers, cartoons or urban pictures, these items literally are renewing your interior. Turn your kitchen into jungle or farm by controlling a magnet dishwasher or refrigerator magnet tiger sheep. Whether you live in the city or not, you will feel like living in the country! Tired of your decor too classic? Here too these decorative items can help you regain a little originality. Colorful flowers stuck on your appliance, Zen pictures that remind you of the important things in life, pictures of New York to take you everyday ... All ideas can be considered. Did you know that the design magnet could also be a functional object? The slate fridge magnet, for example, allows you to write and erase chalk as you see fit. No more missed appointments and shopping lists lost, your slate is a true reminder!

A magnet design to decorate your fridge, original decorative gift!

Want to add a touch of humor to a kitchen too sad or make an original and fun gift? A magnet humor is the ideal compromise between originality and elegance. Whether you like a quote in particular that you're a fan of music that you adore traveling, these decorative items will take you to another world. This is for example the case of the fridge magnet music to complement your refrigerator with a touch of rock'n roll with a pattern guitar. To make an original gift your children, you can also offer them models cartoons, treats or original forms. The advantage of the magnet Deco? It not only dress up a room but also to give it color. Lemons, green peppers, pink cupcakes, tables, beach melons or sunsets ... The creators are full of imagination to create products that are both fun, gays and elegant. You love the city of Paris? Why not let us know by pasting the article "I Love Paris" on your fridge. You can also choose pictures of cities to give a loft style to your home. Best for this remains to select photos from New York. Times Square, Empire State Building ... Paste your favorite New York building. Finally, do not forget the great athletes who will head to the sports models. Surfing, football, basketball ... All disciplines are represented and provide a dynamic atmosphere in your kitchen.

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