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Apron Kitchen in Customize

Apron Kitchen Personalized
14,90 €
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Are cooking with a personalized apron made by you! Create a unique photo apron, a true accessory design and indispensable kitchen. Think about please your mom for her birthday or Mother's Day with this kitchen apron with which she can have fun playing the "Tops leaders" in the kitchen. Offer a personalized apron for your son, who dreams of becoming a great chef, he will be delighted to wear a picture apron in his image to pass her kitchen examination. Personalize this kitchen accessory using our online wizard! A photo, drawing or simply a message to give, fun to create a personalized apron, unique and original. Surprise your loved ones with this apron photo kitchen! Not recommended for professional use.



Reference : C-TAB-CUIS
Personalization : Only the front
Length: 85 cm
Width: 60 cm
Thickness: 1 mm
Weight: 75 gr
Material : Polyester
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Apron Kitchen Personalized
Apron Kitchen Personalized
Apron Kitchen Personalized
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Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized Apron Kitchen Personalized
Comments from our Customers
The 20/04/2018 By (5/5) (Orleans, Metropolitan France)
"Very good value for money, result faithful to the order."
The 11/04/2018 By (4/5) (Lille, Metropolitan France)
"Satisfactory, compliant product, well printed photo"
The 07/03/2018 By (5/5) (Toulouse, Metropolitan France)
"Very good quality bravissimo"
The 05/03/2018 By (5/5) (Rauville la place, Metropolitan France)
"Product complies with the ordered one very affordable price fast delivery very satisfied for an original and personalized gift, I highly recommend gravissimo"
The 01/03/2018 By (5/5) (Petit caux, Metropolitan France)
"Good product at a low price Fast shipping"
The 27/02/2018 By (4/5) (Cheny, Metropolitan France)
"Product according to the order Deadlines a little long but not impatient"
The 22/02/2018 By (5/5) (La frette sur seine, Metropolitan France)
"Very happy with the result the picture is super good I highly recommend thank you"
The 27/12/2017 By (4/5) (Lavercantière, Metropolitan France)
"Very well the fabric in little end but otherwise very well"
The 22/12/2017 By (5/5) (Montebourg, Metropolitan France)
"You dream they the bottom"
The 18/12/2017 By (5/5) (Breuvages en bassigny, Metropolitan France)
"Super made grandma will be happy to cook with her little children in photo"
The 18/12/2017 By (5/5) (Saint priest, Metropolitan France)
"Very good value for money, compared to the competition"
The 26/10/2017 By (5/5) (Aix-noulette, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied !!"
The 16/10/2017 By (4/5) (Villeurbanne, Metropolitan France)
"Corresponds to the request"
The 16/10/2017 By (5/5) (Guichen, Metropolitan France)
The 08/09/2017 By (5/5) (Pecquencourt, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice rendering. Beautiful color"
The 02/09/2017 By (5/5) (Loos, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality good photo without defects"
The 01/09/2017 By (4/5) (Amiens, Metropolitan France)
"Very appreciated gift of the slightly light apron"
The 01/09/2017 By (4/5) (Carvin , Metropolitan France)
"Nothing to say for this is perfect"
The 16/08/2017 By (5/5) (Mougins, Metropolitan France)
"Good value for money. corresponds to our expectations."
The 12/08/2017 By (5/5) (Serris, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied, but a little big for a woman."
The 09/08/2017 By (5/5) (Montreal du gers, Metropolitan France)
"Better than my expectations."
The 11/07/2017 By (5/5) (Saint hilaire de clisson, Metropolitan France)
"The result is exactly what we expected. Super fast service - ordered on Saturdays and received on Wednesdays. We recommend."
The 08/07/2017 By (5/5) (Croisilles, Metropolitan France)
"Power printed what you want on an apron at this price is unbeatable"
The 30/05/2017 By (4/5) (Kientzheim, Metropolitan France)
"The customization = great! On the other hand, the apron is very thin and rather of 1st range"
The 01/04/2017 By (5/5) (Eze, Metropolitan France)
"Personalized product matching well to the picture offered by the site"
The 13/03/2017 By (5/5) (St nicolas de la grave, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product"
The 31/12/2016 By (4/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"You too little damage"
The 29/12/2016 By (5/5) (Peypin, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 29/12/2016 By (5/5) (Chateaugay, Metropolitan France)
The 20/12/2016 By (5/5) (Saint paul les dax, Metropolitan France)
The 16/12/2016 By (5/5) (Marcq en baroeul, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent results"
The 15/12/2016 By (5/5) (La grand croix, Metropolitan France)
"Okay .... original"
The 09/12/2016 By (4/5) (Beynac, Metropolitan France)
"Product conformed to the wish"
The 09/12/2016 By (5/5) (Avord, Metropolitan France)
"Very good job, the result has a very good record"
The 08/12/2016 By (5/5) (St jean st gervais, Metropolitan France)
The 07/12/2016 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
The 06/12/2016 By (4/5) (Nice, Metropolitan France)
"The product is not bad"
The 24/10/2016 By (5/5) (Aix-en-provence, Metropolitan France)
"Good product easy to customize"
The 30/09/2016 By (5/5) (Reims, Metropolitan France)
"Quick and careful implementation"
The 27/06/2016 By (4/5) (La crau, Metropolitan France)
"In line with my expectations"
The 27/06/2016 By (4/5) (Martillac, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice product."
The 23/05/2016 By (5/5) (Bourges, Metropolitan France)
"Nothing to add consistent"
The 25/04/2016 By (5/5) (Les neyrolles, Metropolitan France)
"The aprons are beautiful, the image is not blurry and bright colors."
The 13/02/2016 By (4/5) (Saint maur des fossés, Metropolitan France)
"Fine, but a part of the image to be reproduced on the product was cut while she was not on the record."
The 03/01/2016 By (4/5) (Mérignac, Metropolitan France)
"The best product in what I ordered"
The 31/12/2015 By (4/5) (La sauvetat, Metropolitan France)
"Fabric a bit thin. Image and writing are flawless."
The 28/12/2015 By (4/5) (Meung sur loire, Metropolitan France)
"Pity the print is a little down on the deck, otherwise nothing to complain about."
The 28/12/2015 By (4/5) (Vogüé, Metropolitan France)
The 28/12/2015 By (5/5) (Vailhauquès, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice print of the image sent."
The 25/12/2015 By (5/5) (Roanne, Metropolitan France)
The 21/12/2015 By (4/5) (Canet en roussillon, Metropolitan France)
"The rendering is the one that I was expecting."
The 17/12/2015 By (5/5) ()
"The top of the deck"
The 16/12/2015 By (5/5) (Le blanc mesnil, Metropolitan France)
"For me it is sympale else, it is a gift I hope a really good home"
The 11/12/2015 By (5/5) (Vincey, Metropolitan France)
"The only downside on this deck is that the fabric is slightly too thin for my taste. I was expecting a little more thick ! After, level print of the photo and the text, it is consistent with my request and my expectations, and even better because I wasn't expecting so many choices in shades and colors that are perfectly reproduced on the fabric !"
The 04/12/2015 By (4/5) (Saone, Metropolitan France)
The 03/12/2015 By (5/5) (Veauchette, Metropolitan France)
The 16/11/2015 By (5/5) (Restigné, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect just what I wanted"
The 09/11/2015 By (5/5) (Mandelieu la napoule, Metropolitan France)
"Essential Site super"
The 25/09/2015 By (5/5) (Chatenay-malabry, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied with the product received. Quite in line with my expectations."
The 13/09/2015 By (5/5) (Saint leger sur dheune, Metropolitan France)
"I enlarged the photo and it is not deformed on the apron !EXCELLENT"
The 08/02/2015 By (5/5) (Chatenay malabry, Metropolitan France)
"Has recommend"
The 01/01/2015 By (5/5) (Saint sever, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect!! No bad surprises, on the contrary!!"
The 30/12/2014 By (5/5) (Bures sur yvette, Metropolitan France)
The 18/12/2014 By (4/5) (Flere la riviere, Metropolitan France)
" the deck is not very thick but for a gift its nice "
The 15/12/2014 By (5/5) (Liège, Belgium)
"Ras all perfect as I want it to be"
The 28/10/2014 By (5/5) (Machecoul, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product that corresponds perfectly to my expectations"
The 14/09/2014 By (4/5) (Pierrefitte es bois, Metropolitan France)
The 11/07/2014 By (4/5) (Deville les rouen, Metropolitan France)
"Nice / affordable but fabric not very good quality however good print rendering"
The 08/07/2014 By (5/5) (Neuvy grandchamp, Metropolitan France)
"Very well, good quality."
The 29/06/2014 By (5/5) (Manso, Metropolitan France)
The 14/03/2014 By (5/5) (Labastide gabausse, Metropolitan France)
"Order processed promptly and delivered according"
The 06/08/2013 By (5/5) (Sierck les bains, Metropolitan France)
"Apron of very good quality, printing on the top!!!!"
The 21/07/2013 By (5/5) (Angers, Metropolitan France)
"Good report quality price"
The 18/07/2013 By (5/5) (Bayon, Metropolitan France)
"The time-limit was respected and well-packaged nothing na say apart from thank you"
The 18/07/2013 By (5/5) (Trois-rivières, Guadeloupe)
"Superb achievement, I say bravo!"
The 16/03/2013 By (5/5)
"Very nice, lightweight, as requested. Order quickly processed. A big thank you!"
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