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Cover For 17 Inch Laptop in Customize

Cover for 17 inch Laptop Personalized
38,90 €
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Fall for this custom PC cover, ideal for owners of a Portable PC 17 "! Carry safely your laptop by sliding it into the cloth pouch and neoprene foam. This cover must absorb shocks and protect your computer in its daily use. Give this cover 17 inch Laptop to your loved ones to make them happy! With our wizard, add as many pictures as you like and then a text, a name or message. In a few minutes you will have created a custom personalized gift! Think about offering a teenager or your best friend geek who has just passed a significant degree. The measure custom area 32 cm by 41 cm on each side. Attention please verify that your notebook is Compatible Compatible Maximum dimensions:. Length: 41 cm Width: 32 cm Thickness: 4 cm This case is compatible Laptop 17 "with the exception of a few models. Remember to check if your laptop dimensions are less than the maximum dimensions compatible (see above).



Reference : H-HOUSSE-PC-17P
Personalization : The front and / or back
Length: 42 cm
Width: 33 cm
Thickness: 1.2 cm
Weight: 0.46 kg
Material : Polyester
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Cover for 17 inch Laptop Personalized
Cover for 17 inch Laptop Personalized
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Comments from our Customers
The 10/04/2018 By (5/5) (Le plessis robinson, Metropolitan France)
"Printing several photos on the laptop cover: very good quality. Very satisfied with the rendering."
The 11/09/2017 By (5/5) (Laives, Metropolitan France)
The 15/07/2017 By (4/5) (Epinay sur seine, Metropolitan France)
"Good, functional, satisfying product £."
The 05/01/2017 By (4/5) (Evry, Metropolitan France)
The 31/12/2016 By (4/5) (Fuveau, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality"
The 18/12/2016 By (5/5) (Doullens, Metropolitan France)
"Custom cover, reliable that I realized the site in any point.L'image is very very good, made a really perfect! Followed by the package is also very reliable, customer service very attentive and responds rapidement.Je recommend it"
The 08/12/2016 By (4/5) (Flémalle, Belgium)
"The cover is perfect, the photo prints are nickel! I have however made the 2cm wider pouch and 2 cm less high but it remains a detail :)"
The 05/06/2016 By (5/5) (Vesoul, Metropolitan France)
"Quality product. Very satisfied. I recommend because customer service was really quality"
The 07/05/2016 By (5/5) (Ballan-miré, Metropolitan France)
"Rapid dispatch. Produced entirely in accordance with the displayed customization. I recommend !"
The 15/04/2016 By (5/5) (Pomblière, Metropolitan France)
"This is a very good site and the quality of articles is nickel. I recommand it! ^^"
The 01/01/2016 By (5/5) (Gassin, Metropolitan France)
"It is beautiful , very good job, thank you"
The 30/12/2015 By (5/5) (La chapelle en serval, Metropolitan France)
"Product well done."
The 21/12/2015 By (5/5) (Podensac, Metropolitan France)
"Cover quality, very beautiful realization"
The 18/12/2015 By (5/5) (Logelheim, Metropolitan France)
"Product caliter comply with the order"
The 14/12/2015 By (5/5) (Jarrie (la), Metropolitan France)
"Good print quality, the photos are very well"
The 14/12/2015 By (5/5) (Nantes, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent quality of product !The site proposes a modification optimized for the image in order to obtain the desired result with the image initially uploaded. The result is impeccable !"
The 30/11/2015 By (4/5) (La ciotat, Metropolitan France)
"The covers are 15 "or 17" it's unfortunate that they don't exist for the 15.6 or 17.3 to be better adapted"
The 01/11/2015 By (4/5) (Villeurbanne, Metropolitan France)
"To the top for the quality of support and photos. I removed a star because you can not customize the dimensions of the case for the pc."
The 30/10/2015 By (5/5) (Seillans, Metropolitan France)
"Pouch is a little smaller than the computer, but the website told me that the zipper was caustaud"
The 07/09/2015 By (4/5) (Les cullayes suisse, Switzerland)
"Nice product, but not very easy to design"
The 03/08/2015 By (5/5) (Saint amant de nouère, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product delivered quickly and excellent"
The 07/07/2015 By (4/5) (La garenne colombes, Metropolitan France)
"Meets expectations"
The 27/04/2015 By (4/5) (Rochy condé, Metropolitan France)
"It does not smell very good but its going to go I'm satisfied !"
The 26/03/2015 By (5/5) (Pantin, Metropolitan France)
"Very pretty and quality"
The 07/02/2015 By (4/5) (Montévrain, Metropolitan France)
"Photos a little darker on the cover that initially. Otherwise good quality."
The 12/01/2015 By (5/5) (Saint quentin, Metropolitan France)
"Awesome "
The 30/12/2014 By (5/5) (La roche sur yon, Metropolitan France)
"Nothing to complain about"
The 28/12/2014 By (5/5) (Croissy sur seine, Metropolitan France)
"I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent print quality of the product. If I need to order again, it will be without hesitation on the site gravissimo !"
The 18/12/2014 By (4/5) (La guerche de bretagne, Metropolitan France)
"According to the description"
The 08/12/2014 By (5/5) (Allonnes, Metropolitan France)
The 06/11/2014 By (4/5) (Wailly, Metropolitan France)
"The rendering is superUn small flat the collage is a little crumpled in the bottom of the cover"
The 03/11/2014 By (4/5) (Milhaud, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice rendering waiting to see the long-term quality "
The 07/07/2014 By (4/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
The 24/06/2014 By (5/5) (Mas-thibert, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied with the result, even better than I thought even ! It was to offer, and it rained a lot !"
The 30/05/2014 By (5/5) (Gradignan, Metropolitan France)
"The cover was very well made, the photo rendering was great"
The 15/05/2014 By (5/5) (Saint-laurent, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice, but it would be nice to make a cover of 16 inches."
The 29/09/2013 By (4/5) (Rochefort, Metropolitan France)
"It is very nice to be able to customize an object, whatever it is. It is certain that it will please us ! The price is affordable, however big downside to the shipping costs that are high !! "
The 26/09/2013 By (5/5) (Arandon, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality product.RAS."
The 20/09/2013 By (5/5) (St laurent du var, Metropolitan France)
"Fast and conform to my request"
The 03/09/2013 By (5/5)
"C a find amazing"
The 29/07/2013 By (5/5) (La crau, Metropolitan France)
"Maximum score : the pocket computer is superb : full compliance with the photos of the arrangement I had chosen. AWESOME all simplemement !"
The 19/07/2013 By (5/5) (Aix en provence, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 18/07/2013 By (4/5) (Arles, Metropolitan France)
"Very well , good quality"
The 18/07/2013 By (5/5) (St pierre canivet, Metropolitan France)
"I find it very good, the rendering is really the one from the preview, it is great."
The 17/07/2013 By (4/5) (Belleville, Metropolitan France)
"I would have loved to be able to put 2 pictures on the same face, but this was not possible because the rendering of the 2 were not the same size on the cover."
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Villars, Metropolitan France)
"A cover well custom"
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Carrières sur seine, Metropolitan France)
"5 stars "
The 17/07/2013 By (4/5) (Evry, Metropolitan France)
"Compliance of the product received compared to the control. satisfactory product"
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Septmonts, Metropolitan France)
The 24/08/2012 By (5/5) (Hautmont, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful cover, nice quality and the photos have a stunning"
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