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Dog Tag Photo in Customize

Dog Tag Photo Personalized
11,90 €
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The Dog Tag is an identity plate, driven primarily by the military so they can be identified easily. The picture Dog Tag is an aluminum plate covered with a white lacquer for optimum fidelity colors! We can print on custom pendant this photo and / or text of your choice with a color rendering. Military plate can be customized front and back (supplement of 2 € for the back). By clicking Create, you can make your own personalized by adding your photos, a symbol from our collection or a text message (name, date of birth or blood, for example). An original personalized gift for a sports team for example! The color Dog Tag custom is also perfect as a birthday gift for a teenager. rubber protection optional. Comes with a chain of 60 cm.



Reference : D-DTAS-P-5916
Personalization : The front and / or back
Length: 5 cm
Width: 2.9 cm
Thickness: 1.25 mm
Weight: 20 gr
Material : Anodized aluminum
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Dog Tag Photo Personalized
Dog Tag Photo Personalized
Dog Tag Photo Personalized
Dog Tag Photo Personalized
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Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized Dog Tag Photo Personalized
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The 04/04/2018 By (5/5) (Villemolaque , Metropolitan France)
"Very nice 2 orders and soon other thank you"
The 25/03/2018 By (5/5) (Nointel, Metropolitan France)
"The photos are beautiful"
The 16/03/2018 By (5/5) (Faleria, Italy)
"Oggetto molto carino and fatto bene. Consiglio altamente"
The 01/03/2018 By (5/5) (Reims, Metropolitan France)
"I am very satisfied and very happy with my order and I will come back to you"
The 24/02/2018 By (5/5) (Saint pol sur mer , Metropolitan France)
"Nothing to say product of good quality and consistent with the order quality printing"
The 22/02/2018 By (5/5) (Soulac sur mer, Metropolitan France)
"Fast delivery and quality. Perfect, I recommend"
The 06/02/2018 By (4/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"Produces very well. However I put the photos in black and white and one is very dark, careful in the choice of photos. Otherwise the other three are top. I recommend."
The 05/02/2018 By (5/5) (Woippy, Metropolitan France)
"Great product of good quality with super rendering !!"
The 26/01/2018 By (4/5) (Lezardrieux, Metropolitan France)
"The picture was of good quality given the size"
The 26/01/2018 By (5/5) (Saint egreve, Metropolitan France)
"I would have preferred a metal plate instead of a plate "plastic" for strength, but had to forget the photo"
The 24/01/2018 By (4/5) (Les herbiers, Metropolitan France)
"Article of good quality I recommend the article"
The 19/01/2018 By (4/5) (Ugine , Metropolitan France)
"Very good product, Received quickly No problem Thank you again"
The 16/01/2018 By (5/5) (Gombergean, Metropolitan France)
"Pleased with my order very good product"
The 22/12/2017 By (5/5) (Merignac, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect very good product content of the result"
The 22/12/2017 By (4/5) (Barentin, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product only flat necklace due to tie and there is no box with it is a pity when it is for a gift if I recommend"
The 14/12/2017 By (5/5) (Hangviller , Metropolitan France)
"Processing and fast delivery Item conforming to the picture"
The 07/12/2017 By (5/5) (Thianges, Metropolitan France)
"Well received my photo tag customize say nothing is beautiful packaging impeccable I recommend"
The 20/11/2017 By (5/5) (Bruay-la-buissiere, Metropolitan France)
"Identical product. Makes very good. Just the rubber a little big so not put. Delivery on the scheduled date. So do not hesitate to order besides I think recommended soon for Christmas but this time I will try the key doors."
The 08/11/2017 By (5/5) (Brie comte robert, Metropolitan France)
"Well done picture beautifully redone"
The 02/11/2017 By (5/5) (Balbigny, Metropolitan France)
"Super nice photo quality!"
The 28/10/2017 By (4/5) (Saint martin de crau , Metropolitan France)
"Very well pay attention to the quality of the photo"
The 24/10/2017 By (5/5) (Mandeure, Metropolitan France)
The 13/10/2017 By (5/5) (Bouchemaine, Metropolitan France)
"Plate of quality but the rubber for the finish is slightly shifted but otherwise at the top."
The 01/10/2017 By (4/5) (Callac, Metropolitan France)
The 24/09/2017 By (5/5) (Saint florentin, Metropolitan France)
The 22/08/2017 By (5/5) (Vailly, Metropolitan France)
"Photo reproduced with superb quality"
The 18/08/2017 By (5/5) (Limoges, Metropolitan France)
"Well done but a little too light"
The 12/08/2017 By (4/5) (Waremme, Belgium)
"Satisfied :)"
The 14/07/2017 By (5/5) (Gilly, Belgium)
"Nikel "
The 04/07/2017 By (5/5) (Nice, Metropolitan France)
"Very happy and I think that whoever wears it on his neck will be even more than me thank you"
The 01/07/2017 By (5/5) (Atton, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect picture identical well done"
The 26/06/2017 By (5/5) (Nice , Metropolitan France)
The 23/06/2017 By (4/5) (Mézeray, Metropolitan France)
The 23/06/2017 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product, I recommend"
The 20/06/2017 By (4/5) (Caen, Metropolitan France)
"Possibility to modify the personalization carefully pay attention to the overview"
The 19/06/2017 By (5/5) (Le reposoir, Metropolitan France)
"Product in conformity with description Very nice rendering Thank you very much"
The 15/06/2017 By (5/5) (Paris , Metropolitan France)
"Very nice merchandise. Quick shipment.c is not the first time I order is am always so satisfied. Thank you.and in addition the prices are affordable..paumond Corinne ..."
The 15/06/2017 By (4/5) (Avion, Metropolitan France)
"The material leaves something to be desired ..."
The 05/06/2017 By (5/5) (Miremont, Metropolitan France)
"As in the photo not disappointed what is a shame is that there is nothing to put on another channel if not perfect and cheap."
The 27/03/2017 By (5/5) (Font romeu odeillo via, Metropolitan France)
"Fully in line with my expectations based on the proposed product"
The 30/01/2017 By (5/5) (Teteghem, Metropolitan France)
"Recommends Gravissimo"
The 29/12/2016 By (5/5) (Lyon, Metropolitan France)
"No worries on that side. Copy to our achievement online. craftsmanship and especially the service very rapide.Attention however: While mindful of the real dimension of Dog Tag in their designs. What appears legible on the screen of our computer is can not be made once the Dog Tags. This is advice for future budding creators and it is obvious that Gravissimo is in no responsable.Une both cottoned thing is a pleasure to give free rein to his imagination to create something unique and looks like we vraiment.Encore once, a big bravo to Gravissimo for the concept and the quality of work !!"
The 28/12/2016 By (4/5) (Rouen, Metropolitan France)
"Photo identical to the original photo, very happy with my order."
The 28/12/2016 By (5/5) (St germain et mons , Metropolitan France)
The 20/12/2016 By (4/5) (Puymirol, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 18/12/2016 By (4/5) (Escamps, Metropolitan France)
The 02/12/2016 By (5/5) (Le pin, Metropolitan France)
"I just love it !"
The 23/10/2016 By (5/5) (Leforest, Metropolitan France)
"This is the right product"
The 16/10/2016 By (5/5) (Annezin, Metropolitan France)
"Super lovely"
The 19/09/2016 By (4/5) (San felice sul panaro, Italy)
"I am happy"
The 11/08/2016 By (5/5) (Hondschoote, Metropolitan France)
"Dog Tag really great, quite what I expected, I really recommend it!"
The 04/08/2016 By (5/5) (L'hay les roses, Metropolitan France)
"RAS product matches"
The 26/06/2016 By (5/5) (Ille sur tet, Metropolitan France)
"Fine engraved product with a very good value for money. I recommend!"
The 27/05/2016 By (5/5) (Drouville, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice"
The 09/05/2016 By (4/5) (Vendin le vieil, Metropolitan France)
"Good .. however the edges are white and not black. while in my previous order for a similar item that was not the case. if anything has re saying"
The 08/04/2016 By (5/5) (Vermelles, Metropolitan France)
"Everything is spotless nothing to say .Ah well so just close the cardboard shipments followed to avoid inconveniences"
The 23/01/2016 By (5/5) (Anzin, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 06/01/2016 By (4/5) (Montmorency, Metropolitan France)
"Good record"
The 01/01/2016 By (5/5) (Nimes, Metropolitan France)
The 18/12/2015 By (5/5) (Provencheres sur fave, Metropolitan France)
"Meets expected products"
The 18/12/2015 By (5/5) (Le plessis robinson , Metropolitan France)
The 19/11/2015 By (4/5) (Auxonne, Metropolitan France)
"Good product, it holds the road"
The 26/09/2015 By (5/5) (St pourcain sur sioule, Metropolitan France)
The 27/02/2015 By (5/5) (La brousse, Metropolitan France)
The 16/02/2015 By (5/5) (Fléron, Belgium)
The 29/12/2014 By (4/5) (Romagnat, Metropolitan France)
The 28/12/2014 By (5/5) (Amiens, Metropolitan France)
The 24/11/2014 By (4/5) (Monnerville, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 28/07/2014 By (5/5) (Mainvilliers, Metropolitan France)
The 27/07/2014 By (4/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"Is very plastic when I thought + metal, but the result corresponds to the order"
The 19/07/2014 By (5/5) (Belfort, Metropolitan France)
"Good qualities of the image"
The 23/06/2014 By (5/5) (Bassy, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful products. Case silicone useless for my taste "
The 05/04/2014 By (4/5) (Ozoir la ferrière, Metropolitan France)
"Result expected and obtained."
The 08/09/2013 By (4/5) (Saint andre de cubzac, Metropolitan France)
"Good product. original offer"
The 21/08/2013 By (5/5) (La chapelle saint mesmin, Metropolitan France)
"Very happy, even if I did not think that the bottom of the plate is white."
The 18/07/2013 By (4/5) (Saint-thual, Metropolitan France)
"Good color rendering picture and text on the back. identical product in preparation to bring photo and text. waterproof."
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Beauquesne, Metropolitan France)
The 17/07/2013 By (4/5) (Arcis sur aube, Metropolitan France)
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Saint eustache la foret, Metropolitan France)
"Corresponf entirely at my request command"
The 08/02/2013 By (5/5) (Morlaix, Metropolitan France)
"More than satisfied with my purchase I received it quickly, my companion loved super quality excellent price I recommend to you without any worry!"
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