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White Square Cushion in Customize

White Square Cushion Personalized
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This square cushion white photograph with glossy finish will bring a modern and original touch to the decor of your home. This cushion 40x40 cm format is ideal personalized gift to please those you love. An original way to keep the photos that you are the most expensive. A superior decorative object and French workmanship will be personalized with photos of your choice. You can also add a text message, a date or a declaration of love! Duplex print, this accessory house, removable and washable at 30 °, will decorate your interior uniquely also bringing a touch of Zen or modern ambience. You can also offer it to mark an important event like a wedding, a PACS, the 30 years of your sister or your mom 50 years. This personalized gift will please both a man, a woman, as a teenager, girl or boy. - Zipper closure - Reinforced seams - cotton cushion 100% polyester decorative cushion, do not use for bedding

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Reference : C-COUS-CAR
Personalization : The front and / or back
Length: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Thickness: 8.5 cm
Weight: 0.23 kg
Material : Polyester
Need help ? Call us at +33972554532 (In English)
From Monday to Friday, from 9h to 13h and 14h to 18h
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
White Square Cushion Personalized
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Some examples shared by our customers!
White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized White Square Cushion Personalized

Comments from our Customers

The 09/03/2018 By (5/5) (Lievin, Metropolitan France)
"Delighted with this purchase. Delivery faster than expected. The photo is of good quality on a satin fabric and it looks great. A gift that pleased. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will place new orders with my eyes closed."
The 14/02/2018 By (5/5) (Sassenage, Metropolitan France)
"A perfect cousin for an exceptional husband thanks for your work"
The 10/02/2018 By (5/5) (St vincent cramesnil, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality, fast shipping"
The 28/12/2017 By (5/5) (Langon, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice gift to offer or to offer"
The 26/12/2017 By (5/5) (Saint-paul , Metropolitan France)
"I ordered this cushion very happy the quality of the superb photo"
The 25/12/2017 By (5/5) (Rozier en donzy, Metropolitan France)
"Impressive impression quality perfect"
The 23/12/2017 By (5/5) (Meze, Metropolitan France)
"Satisfied, to see in time"
The 21/12/2017 By (4/5) (Bouxieres aux chenes , Metropolitan France)
"Great product I recommend"
The 21/12/2017 By (4/5) (La batie neuve , Metropolitan France)
"Satisfied with the product, he just missed a letter on the inscription on the cushion"
The 18/12/2017 By (4/5) (Issy les moulineaux, Metropolitan France)
"Good value for money and parcels delivered quickly."
The 18/12/2017 By (5/5) (Moulins, Metropolitan France)
"Satisfactory result I strongly recommend gravissimo To engrave any memory on the support wish congratulations to you"
The 18/12/2017 By (4/5) (Touquin, Metropolitan France)
"Product that looks ok"
The 15/12/2017 By (5/5) (Touquin, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful pretty cheap offers pleasure to offer"
The 14/12/2017 By (5/5) (Les andelys, Metropolitan France)
"Very well produced I am satisfied"
The 13/12/2017 By (4/5) (Le mans, Metropolitan France)
"Nice result, I love it !!!!!! Cover delivered with you cushion"
The 08/12/2017 By (5/5) (Riedseltz, Metropolitan France)
"Cushion with photo on a satin cover very pretty beautiful colors I am delighted with my purchase"
The 07/12/2017 By (5/5) (Moissac, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect . Printing succeeds cushion fabrics also dimension super I recommend this gift"
The 28/11/2017 By (5/5) (Bussigny, Switzerland)
"Very nice, well printed and good quality, to see after some washing time."
The 24/11/2017 By (5/5) (Mouy, Metropolitan France)
"Good product at a reasonable price and delivered very quickly"
The 02/11/2017 By (5/5) (Fragnes la loyere, Metropolitan France)
"Super my beautiful girl and very happy"
The 31/10/2017 By (5/5) (Andrezé, Metropolitan France)
"Super beautiful printing on father-in-law will be very happy with his gift with the whole family near him in his dreams!"
The 25/09/2017 By (5/5) (Ilhat, Metropolitan France)
"Cushions very nice, a little flat maybe, but how important, because the quality of photo printing is at the rendezvous, and cushions like that is more to watch than to use! Hi hi! My children are delighted to have their puppy on their bed with less hair and no stuffed blanket! For the joke ... I highly recommend, quality and speed! Perfect product!"
The 06/09/2017 By (5/5) (Angers, Metropolitan France)
"Thank you gravissimo beautiful and beautiful"
The 19/08/2017 By (5/5) (Ecot, Metropolitan France)
"Impeccable picture."
The 31/07/2017 By (5/5) (Vaux le penil, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 28/07/2017 By (5/5) (Toulouse, Metropolitan France)
"Great product and good quality of the cover. Very good value for money."
The 04/07/2017 By (5/5) (Le cannet, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect, not disappointed with the result and delivery time respected."
The 02/07/2017 By (5/5) (Simiane , Metropolitan France)
"Super fast and very good quality, I recommend this site 100%"
The 26/06/2017 By (5/5) (Montilly sur noireau, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent product and very well realize"
The 21/06/2017 By (5/5) (Rugles, Metropolitan France)
"I ordered them for the Father's Day my husband was happy when our daughter gave her"
The 07/06/2017 By (5/5) (Rouffiac, Metropolitan France)
"The printing is of good quality, on a nice product."
The 02/06/2017 By (5/5) (Millau, Metropolitan France)
"Gift that has made its effect! w"
The 28/05/2017 By (5/5) (Bougarber, Metropolitan France)
"Super cushion received in time with a beautiful quality I recommend very nice"
The 26/05/2017 By (5/5) (Etampes , Metropolitan France)
"Super cushion quality !!"
The 25/05/2017 By (5/5) (L'isle d'éspagnac, Metropolitan France)
"I will advertise you"
The 22/05/2017 By (5/5) (Roubaix, Metropolitan France)
"Resultas excellent merci gravissimo"
The 04/05/2017 By (5/5) (Pont sur yonne, Metropolitan France)
"Very good, I recommend this site, very satisfied with the product"
The 23/04/2017 By (5/5) (Muzillac, Metropolitan France)
"Nice work"
The 05/03/2017 By (5/5) (Pont sur seine, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect !! quickly received the result was truly amazing !! My mom was delighted with her gift !!!"
The 27/02/2017 By (5/5) (Pelves, Metropolitan France)
"Confirms the description;)! The friends were thrilled;)!"
The 24/02/2017 By (5/5) (Rance, Belgium)
The 21/02/2017 By (5/5) (Wingles, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful cushion very well done"
The 19/02/2017 By (5/5) (Blain, Metropolitan France)
"Super product meets our expectations. No complaints, I would recommend your site."
The 19/02/2017 By (5/5) (Ancerville, Metropolitan France)
"Just beautiful picture control top"
The 16/01/2017 By (5/5) (Léognan, Metropolitan France)
"I was afraid of the minutes but the product is great !!"
The 04/01/2017 By (4/5) (Villeneuve d ascq, Metropolitan France)
"Just the soft tissue is not great but I think it would be difficult to print on a matte tissue. But good product"
The 29/12/2016 By (5/5) (Arbent, Metropolitan France)
The 26/12/2016 By (5/5) (Les angles, Metropolitan France)
"Nice touch fabric"
The 26/12/2016 By (5/5) (Clermont, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent 10/10"
The 17/12/2016 By (5/5) (Le gault soigny, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 16/12/2016 By (4/5) (Mantes la ville, Metropolitan France)
"On the site there are no written cushion cover I thought he had a cushion and it is a cushion cover customize. If not quite satisfied"
The 16/12/2016 By (5/5) (Lorient, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful very happy with my purchase"
The 15/12/2016 By (4/5) (Tourcoing, Metropolitan France)
"The cover is beautiful, the pictures are really well reproduced. Looking forward to the Christmas offer! By cons, a little disappointed in the quality of the cushion."
The 15/12/2016 By (4/5) (Lisieux , Metropolitan France)
"Originalebonne idea to offer"
The 12/12/2016 By (5/5) (Valreas, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice, I recommend."
The 11/12/2016 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"I recommend"
The 11/12/2016 By (5/5) (Saint martin la plaine, Metropolitan France)
"Violating delays - great effect"
The 08/12/2016 By (5/5) (Longueau, Metropolitan France)
The 06/12/2016 By (4/5) (Flixecourt, Metropolitan France)
"C a gift for Christmas so can not give notice of for the moment"
The 05/12/2016 By (5/5) (Saint quentin, Metropolitan France)
"Just great, in fact I'm doing to make another offer!"
The 02/12/2016 By (4/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"The cushion is thin, but the pictures are very beautiful"
The 01/12/2016 By (5/5) (Eybens, Metropolitan France)
"No problem"
The 28/11/2016 By (5/5) (R0sny sous bois, Metropolitan France)
"Magnificent really happy THANKS"
The 28/11/2016 By (4/5) (Mons-en-baroeul, Metropolitan France)
The 20/11/2016 By (5/5) (Hostens, Metropolitan France)
"Delivery received on time. custom cushions topnpour Christmas present or annuversaire. I recommend your services. I would definitely recommend"
The 19/11/2016 By (5/5) (Orleans, Metropolitan France)
"Bravo, remarkable work ..I recommend"
The 01/11/2016 By (4/5) (Metz, Metropolitan France)
"Nice for decoration"
The 20/10/2016 By (5/5) (Gerzat, Metropolitan France)
"Quick receipt, very good quality affordable"
The 30/09/2016 By (5/5) (Saulxures sur moselotte, Metropolitan France)
"Very good reception speed"
The 23/09/2016 By (5/5) (Les ponts de cé, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect condition and very nice thank you"
The 13/08/2016 By (5/5) (Montcavrel, Metropolitan France)
"I ordered first a personalized cushion, the impression is of excellent quality and colors similar to the selected photo ... I was waiting for the result before ordering the second thing is ... done"
The 26/06/2016 By (5/5) (La boissière de montaigu, Metropolitan France)
The 13/06/2016 By (5/5) (L'isle d'abeau, Metropolitan France)
The 03/06/2016 By (5/5) (Bourges, Metropolitan France)
"In line with my expectations"
The 03/06/2016 By (4/5) (Saint-segal, Metropolitan France)
"The house I found her too colorful but does not change my opinion I love it!"
The 10/05/2016 By (5/5) (Dreux, Metropolitan France)
"Received the cushion and the custom cover on behalf of my future married friends + their wedding date, it's hot !! And all for less than 15 € free delivery Gravissimo I say THANK YOU!"
The 02/05/2016 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"Superb rendering"
The 25/04/2016 By (5/5) (Rodilhan, Metropolitan France)
"Great product"
The 09/04/2016 By (5/5) (Wasquehal, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful rendering"
The 10/03/2016 By (5/5) (Ancourt, Metropolitan France)
"Very happy super nice cushion"
The 10/03/2016 By (5/5) (Bordeaux, Metropolitan France)
"That's exactly what I wanted!"
The 26/02/2016 By (5/5) (Andrezieux, Metropolitan France)
"Great product, very nice result"
The 25/01/2016 By (5/5) (Bessancourt, Metropolitan France)
The 10/01/2016 By (5/5) (Bordeaux, Metropolitan France)
"The order is totally my expectations. If other products are as good, I will not hesitate to order again on this site!"
The 09/01/2016 By (5/5) (Thilay, Metropolitan France)
"Very well, in line with my expectations, I recommend!"
The 08/01/2016 By (5/5) (Bourdonnay, Metropolitan France)
"Very comfortable cushion"
The 03/01/2016 By (4/5) (Châlons-en-champagne, Metropolitan France)
The 02/01/2016 By (5/5) (Morgny, Metropolitan France)
"Very good, the color rendering on the cushion is nice qualité.correspond my expectations."
The 02/01/2016 By (4/5) (Buis les baronnies , Metropolitan France)
"Very nice achievement, although the quality is not worth the back than the front ... But I think it comes from the starting picture !! Otherwise very nice surprise for my children and for myself, the end result is beautiful ... Thank Gravissimo."
The 01/01/2016 By (5/5) (Saint germain au mont d'or, Metropolitan France)
"Very successful, flawless printing, poor cushion effect but guaranteed to surprise relatives."
The 30/12/2015 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
The 28/12/2015 By (5/5) (Cestas, Metropolitan France)
The 28/12/2015 By (4/5) (Le plessis trévise, Metropolitan France)
"I'm happy for the cushion I personalized especially since it is only on this site that can print a different image on the front side as the back. However, it would lack a bit of padding, for my part. Finally, the printed image was perfect!"
The 27/12/2015 By (5/5) (Aubry le panthou, Metropolitan France)
"I perfect gift advice"
The 21/12/2015 By (4/5) (Chavigny, Metropolitan France)
"A little too much red dominance on the photo!"
The 19/12/2015 By (5/5) (Grosrouvres, Metropolitan France)
"I'm satisfied"
The 19/12/2015 By (5/5) (Cuers, Metropolitan France)
"It seems very boring"
The 04/12/2015 By (5/5) (Roanne, Metropolitan France)
"Good qualities of print and fabric"
The 01/12/2015 By (5/5) (Vassy, Metropolitan France)
"Super cushion, it's what I expected !!!"
The 29/11/2015 By (5/5) (Outreau, Metropolitan France)
The 29/11/2015 By (5/5) (Priay, Metropolitan France)
"Perfect Pillow! Very happy with this product!"
The 08/11/2015 By (5/5) (Saulge, Metropolitan France)
"Even better than my beautiful rêves.Super'll recommend because it has had its effect."
The 26/09/2015 By (5/5) (Izon, Metropolitan France)
"Cousin great, beautiful house, in line with my expectations!"
The 22/09/2015 By (4/5) (Saint bonnet de mure, Metropolitan France)
"Well, remains to be seen holding time"
The 03/08/2015 By (5/5) (Les mureaux, Metropolitan France)
The 18/06/2015 By (4/5) (Ferques, Metropolitan France)
"Good product not disappointed"
The 10/03/2015 By (4/5) (Buchères, Metropolitan France)
"Good cushion"
The 02/01/2015 By (4/5) (Saint martin en haut, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 02/01/2015 By (4/5) (Buzy, Metropolitan France)
"It's a good thing, damage the image or the text does not take all the face of cousin .. shame really but the rendering effect is still waiting for you!"
The 30/12/2014 By (4/5) (Plouvien, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality"
The 29/12/2014 By (5/5) (Nantes, Metropolitan France)
The 28/12/2014 By (5/5) (Trainel, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied 4 photos above and beautiful rendering :)"
The 26/12/2014 By (5/5) (Saint chamond, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied"
The 26/12/2014 By (5/5) (Sausset les pins, Metropolitan France)
The 26/12/2014 By (4/5) (Bussieres, Metropolitan France)
"The main defect that made us eSite es that the bag is not full picture're only on a square with white around"
The 25/12/2014 By (5/5) (Sarralbe, Metropolitan France)
"According to the description"
The 22/12/2014 By (5/5) (Golbey, Metropolitan France)
The 21/12/2014 By (5/5) (Pont l'abbé, Metropolitan France)
"A perfect reproduction .... quality fabric and widely respected within ... compared to other similar sites where the price is doubled ... tripled see. Frankly I do not regret my choice"
The 20/12/2014 By (5/5) (Lachapelle auzac, Metropolitan France)
"Superb quality"
The 20/12/2014 By (5/5) (Villers l hopital, Metropolitan France)
"Very good record "
The 14/12/2014 By (5/5) (Villeurbanne, Metropolitan France)
" "
The 14/12/2014 By (5/5) (Gerzat, Metropolitan France)
"Pillow conforms in relation to my request very satisfied quality"
The 11/12/2014 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"This is not the first time I order cushions. This is for sure a gift that pleases. The rendering of the photo is remarkable!"
The 08/12/2014 By (5/5) (Sete, Metropolitan France)
"Very nice product"
The 06/12/2014 By (5/5) (Chateau renard, Metropolitan France)
"The picture makes it very biensatisfaite"
The 06/12/2014 By (5/5) (La chapelle fortin, Metropolitan France)
"Great for the prixC'est the second time I order and I'm still satifaite"
The 01/12/2014 By (5/5) (Abbeville st lucien, Metropolitan France)
The 17/11/2014 By (5/5) (Les houches, Metropolitan France)
"Quite as desired."
The 17/10/2014 By (5/5) (La cadiere d azur, Metropolitan France)
"Very successful and very well be a picture of each side "
The 08/10/2014 By (5/5) (Nice, Metropolitan France)
"The pillow I ordered is even better than I expected. Especially as I was putting some information in stores near my home to get their price. The cheapest I found was 35euros !!!! So in the end I am a sacred economy and do not hesitate at all to recommend this site. I ordered a Wednesday and I was delivered the following Saturday !!!"
The 02/10/2014 By (5/5) (Digne les bains, Metropolitan France)
"Fast shipments and pleasantly surprised with the result thank you very much"
The 08/09/2014 By (5/5) (Chateauneuf de gadagne, Metropolitan France)
"I am delighted, the result is even better than I had imagined. I will new orders this site! (Printing quality is just like the fabric)"
The 11/08/2014 By (5/5) (Esvres, Metropolitan France)
"Received very quickly: 4 days after order; I was contacted prior to confirming my order because the colors of the selected picture not emerged as expected so I change the picture !! I appreciate this contact ... and the cushion is awesome ... I will certainly re ... more"
The 29/07/2014 By (5/5) (Champs sur marne, Metropolitan France)
"I enjoyed simple but nice."
The 25/06/2014 By (5/5) (Dommartin, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 23/06/2014 By (5/5) (Mallemort, Metropolitan France)
"Superbly successful, the photo I chose makes very well and I do not regret my purchase arrived quickly, congratulations and thank you"
The 20/06/2014 By (5/5) (Cenac, Metropolitan France)
"Very beautiful, good quality, very happy! quick delivery"
The 02/06/2014 By (5/5) (Coulombs, Metropolitan France)
"Very happy with my order"
The 25/05/2014 By (5/5) (Bordeaux, Metropolitan France)
"Its a very good make a great gift for Mother's Day"
The 15/05/2014 By (5/5) (Beauvallon, Metropolitan France)
"The cushion is just perfect, beautiful quality fabric and printing - I'm pretty demanding and I am 100% satisfied!"
The 14/04/2014 By (5/5) (Avensan, Metropolitan France)
"9 very bienn"
The 05/04/2014 By (5/5) (Pulversheim, Metropolitan France)
"Great image quality, look forward to offering it to grannies."
The 24/02/2014 By (5/5) (Unverre, Metropolitan France)
"Craftsmanship. beautiful fabric quality. color rendering is consistent with the original.Bravo and thank you."
The 23/02/2014 By (5/5) (Gaillon, Metropolitan France)
The 17/02/2014 By (5/5) (Saint-lys, Metropolitan France)
"The fabric is soft, feel good spring!"
The 09/10/2013 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
The 27/09/2013 By (5/5) (Habsheim, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent print quality "
The 30/08/2013 By (5/5) (Uffholtz, Metropolitan France)
"Very good quality !"
The 23/08/2013 By (4/5) (Magneux haute rive, Metropolitan France)
"Engraving is fine, but I did not think it was done on a case, I thought that would be done directly on the cousin"
The 20/07/2013 By (4/5) (Morcenx, Metropolitan France)
"Very good sharpness of the printed image, good quality tissu.Petit regret shame there is not more colors."
The 17/07/2013 By (5/5) (Cernay, Metropolitan France)
"Cool, thanks !!!!!!"
The 17/07/2013 By (4/5) (Lausanne, Switzerland)
The 11/12/2012 By (5/5) (Floreffe, Belgium)
"Received than I thought! Satisfied with the result I would recommend!"
The 16/06/2012 By (5/5) (Hautmont, Metropolitan France)
"These cushions are absolutely stunning, I have other pre orders !!!"
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