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Microfibre Cloth For Glasses in Customize

Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
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Clean your glasses or glass surface with this personalized microfiber cloth with a message or photo. Add an image of your choice as well as a message or a name and voila! This microfiber cloth is a perfect gift for a birthday to a senior, your grandma or grandpa, or your mom for Mother's Day! For 80 years or 90 years of your grandmother, offer this handy object decorated with pictures of all his grandchildren! It will be delighted to admire them easily while cleaning his spectacle lenses with a single cleaner glasses! The custom microfiber cloth is an essential accessory for all spectacle wearers. No need to use a cleanser, microfiber material is perfect for cleaning glasses without damaging or scratching them. Choose this personalized gift at low prices to please your mom or your wife on the occasion of a birthday or Christmas. The custom microfiber cloth will be perfect to complement a larger gift or to make a little surprise to the loved.

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Reference : C-LING-LNT
Personalization : The front and / or back
Length: 18 cm
Width: 15 cm
Thickness: 1 mm
Weight: 5 gr
Material : Textile
Need help ? Call us at +33972554532 (In English)
From Monday to Friday, from 9h to 13h and 14h to 18h
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized
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Average : 5/5 sur 96 votes

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Some examples shared by our customers!
Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized Microfibre cloth for glasses Personalized

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Comments from our Customers

The 29/04/2018 By (4/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"Wipe according to my expectations. Perfect"
The 25/04/2018 By (5/5) (Imphy, Metropolitan France)
"My darling!!! because I had started a collection of decorated wipes."
The 13/04/2018 By (5/5) (Bourg la reine, Metropolitan France)
"The rendering of the photo on the microfiber cloth is very beautiful."
The 20/03/2018 By (5/5) (Malause, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product and satisfied with the result"
The 08/03/2018 By (4/5) (Veron, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful wipe. Beautiful result. Photo ok Thickness a little thin"
The 15/02/2018 By (5/5) (Tourcoing, Metropolitan France)
"Top quality and guaranteed surprise effect"
The 10/02/2018 By (5/5) (Noyen sur sarthe, Metropolitan France)
"Print ok nothing to say"
The 04/02/2018 By (5/5) (Pontchâteau, Metropolitan France)
"A wonderful purchase, a gift that gives pleasure in offering"
The 28/01/2018 By (5/5) (Meylan, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied. perfectly matches my expectations."
The 19/01/2018 By (5/5) (Moulins, Metropolitan France)
"Lingerie with glasses very pretty, the colors of the photo are very good. Beautiful rendering."
The 17/01/2018 By (4/5) (Seyssinet, Metropolitan France)
"The photos are a nice effect on this wipe."
The 16/01/2018 By (5/5) (Raillencourt ste olle, Metropolitan France)
"Very clear achievement, good quality of the microfiber glasses"
The 28/12/2017 By (5/5) (Saint etienne du bois, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product, good quality of fabrics and printing"
The 22/12/2017 By (5/5) (Pringy, Metropolitan France)
"Complies with the description and very fast delivery. Top !"
The 22/12/2017 By (5/5) (Dol-de-bretagne , Metropolitan France)
"Super services, as well as quality"
The 15/12/2017 By (5/5) (Toulouse, Metropolitan France)
"Super glasses wiper. Delivery as planned."
The 13/12/2017 By (5/5) (Palaiseau, Metropolitan France)
"Very original product and good quality !!"
The 12/12/2017 By (5/5) (Paris , Metropolitan France)
"Super product and quality!"
The 06/12/2017 By (5/5) (Epinal, Metropolitan France)
"Quality printing, fast delivery for a reasonable price. In the top!"
The 06/12/2017 By (5/5) (Cherisy, Metropolitan France)
The 06/12/2017 By (5/5) (Mimet, Metropolitan France)
"Everything is as I wished."
The 06/12/2017 By (5/5) (Divonne les bains, Metropolitan France)
"Very successful product. My expectations have been met."
The 02/12/2017 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"Very original gift seen nowhere else"
The 21/10/2017 By (5/5) (St maur-des-fossés, Metropolitan France)
"Very good achievement Perfect 100%"
The 08/08/2017 By (5/5) (Le chambon feugerolles, Metropolitan France)
"Great satisfaction with my order"
The 20/07/2017 By (4/5) (Pelves, Metropolitan France)
"Satisfied with the product! I had not read the dimensions of the microfiber wipe! She is tall ;)!"
The 15/07/2017 By (5/5) (Montpon menesterol, Metropolitan France)
"Very pretty I made envious"
The 10/07/2017 By (4/5) (St-priest-la-vêtre, Metropolitan France)
The 30/06/2017 By (5/5) (Firminy, Metropolitan France)
"Good order processing without any particular problem"
The 23/06/2017 By (5/5) (Massy, Metropolitan France)
"I ordered it, the product met my expectations, nothing wrong ;-)"
The 19/06/2017 By (5/5) (Sassenage, Metropolitan France)
The 15/06/2017 By (5/5) (Avion, Metropolitan France)
"In the top. I thought I paid a bit expensive but it is of very good quality."
The 12/06/2017 By (5/5) (Monterblanc, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 31/05/2017 By (4/5) (Bordeaux, Metropolitan France)
"Multiple effects possibilities from a single photo. Just improve the softness of eyeglass wipes"
The 31/05/2017 By (5/5) (La balme de sillingy, Metropolitan France)
"I just love it !!! Very nice ... THANKS :)"
The 20/04/2017 By (5/5) (Les ponts de ce, Metropolitan France)
"Product comply with the order"
The 24/03/2017 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"The customization of the wipe Microfiber makes it really great. Initially I did not come to that, but to accompany my other gift it was perfect! very good idea that recommendation was appreciated :)"
The 27/02/2017 By (5/5) (Montigny-lès-cormeilles, Metropolitan France)
The 26/02/2017 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"Impeccable printing"
The 21/02/2017 By (5/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
"Identical to my request"
The 02/01/2017 By (5/5) (Bourg-en-bresse, Metropolitan France)
"Simply, it'd be a plus if the wipe was a little thicker ..."
The 02/01/2017 By (4/5) (Fontaine etoupefour, Metropolitan France)
"The wipe may be slightly larger"
The 31/12/2016 By (4/5) (Lay st christophe, Metropolitan France)
"This product to all delighted mondv"
The 31/12/2016 By (5/5) (Courbevoie, Metropolitan France)
"Too bad there is no information on the possibility of moving the product machine, otherwise perfect!"
The 26/12/2016 By (4/5) (Malaville, Metropolitan France)
"Very good product"
The 26/12/2016 By (5/5) (Coetmieux, Metropolitan France)
"Ideal size for glasses"
The 23/12/2016 By (5/5) (Asnieres, Metropolitan France)
"In line with my expectations"
The 22/12/2016 By (4/5) (Perignac, Metropolitan France)
The 20/12/2016 By (5/5) (Sceaux d'anjou, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful rendering of the image on the cloth"
The 18/12/2016 By (4/5) (Escamps, Metropolitan France)
The 11/12/2016 By (4/5) (Tulle, Metropolitan France)
"I found it amusing as a gift to personalize."
The 10/12/2016 By (5/5) (Evron, Metropolitan France)
"The product arrived early, fabric quality is very well"
The 05/12/2016 By (5/5) (Mons en baroeul, Metropolitan France)
"Very satisfied with the quality of the photo. It is true that the fabric would have benefited from milder but still very convenient! :)"
The 27/11/2016 By (5/5) (Sartrouville, Metropolitan France)
"Simply wipe"
The 24/11/2016 By (4/5) (Denguin, Metropolitan France)
"Good product. Very good rendering of the photo."
The 17/11/2016 By (5/5) (Vicques, Switzerland)
"Great, perfectly matches the preview. Nothing to say..."
The 17/11/2016 By (4/5) (Poncin, Metropolitan France)
The 28/10/2016 By (4/5) (Templemars, Metropolitan France)
"Satisfied "
The 17/10/2016 By (5/5) (Les essarts le roi, Metropolitan France)
"Exactly what I expected"
The 16/10/2016 By (4/5) (Boigneville, Metropolitan France)
"Good size and conformed to the image"
The 04/10/2016 By (4/5) (Louvigny, Metropolitan France)
"The wipe is thicker, better quality, it would be perfect! Very still happy with the impression that is very good! Willing to pay a little more for a better range of wipe."
The 23/09/2016 By (5/5) (Cebazat, Metropolitan France)
"Lingerie microfiber could have been even sweeter. Nevertheless the colors stand out well. It's impeccable."
The 19/09/2016 By (5/5) (Angers, Metropolitan France)
"I really like"
The 05/09/2016 By (5/5) (Vaumarcus, Switzerland)
"Very well "
The 22/08/2016 By (5/5) (L etang la ville, Metropolitan France)
"Products fully comply with the order and good quality"
The 03/08/2016 By (5/5) (Saint jean sur reyssouze, Metropolitan France)
"Easy to customize. Original product he made of the effect!"
The 28/07/2016 By (5/5) (Eygalières, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 17/07/2016 By (4/5) (Moret sur loing, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful rendering"
The 27/06/2016 By (5/5) (Colomiers, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality"
The 25/06/2016 By (4/5) (Carrieres sous poissy, Metropolitan France)
"Good impression of the photo. Conforms to my order"
The 24/06/2016 By (5/5) (Granges narboz, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 23/06/2016 By (5/5) (Divonne les bains, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful product. My parents were happy"
The 23/06/2016 By (5/5) (Templemars, Metropolitan France)
"Very good print quality"
The 21/06/2016 By (5/5) (Saint-mathurin-sur-loire, Metropolitan France)
"Picture perfectly printed, delivered 5 days before the expected delivery date. very satisfied :)"
The 15/06/2016 By (4/5) (Soumagne, Belgium)
"Picture a little clearer than the photo but everything is beautiful anyway"
The 02/06/2016 By (5/5) (Saint romain la motte, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 15/05/2016 By (5/5) (Porcelette, Metropolitan France)
"The person is delighted"
The 04/04/2016 By (5/5) (Saint pere en retz, Metropolitan France)
"Rendering very correct picture !! Good product"
The 01/02/2016 By (4/5) (Lavalette, Metropolitan France)
"Great product (except perhaps for the color rendering)"
The 23/01/2016 By (5/5) (Montpellier, Metropolitan France)
"Very successful, many people asked me which site I went"
The 16/01/2016 By (5/5) (Boulogne, Metropolitan France)
"Excellent product quality excellent small gadget recommended"
The 10/01/2016 By (5/5) (Nancy, Metropolitan France)
The 06/01/2016 By (5/5) (Biache saint vaast, Metropolitan France)
"Consistent and better than what I thought"
The 06/01/2016 By (5/5) (Montmorency, Metropolitan France)
"Good record"
The 01/01/2016 By (5/5) (Les contamines montjoie, Metropolitan France)
"Good quality printing. Warning against the frame by (certain to follow as indicated)!"
The 25/12/2015 By (5/5) (Paris, Metropolitan France)
"Gift. great feeling"
The 21/12/2015 By (5/5) (Le thil-en-vexin, Metropolitan France)
"One word to say! Just perfect !"
The 21/12/2015 By (5/5) (Nevers , Metropolitan France)
"Nickel slightly transparent when there's text behind"
The 17/12/2015 By (5/5) (La ferté-fresnel, Metropolitan France)
"The product meets expectations."
The 11/12/2015 By (5/5) (Richebourg, Metropolitan France)
The 07/12/2015 By (5/5) (Alenya, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 11/11/2015 By (5/5) (Metz, Metropolitan France)
The 10/11/2015 By (5/5) (Saumur, Metropolitan France)
The 25/10/2015 By (5/5) (Loyettes, Metropolitan France)
The 11/10/2015 By (5/5) (Pigny, Metropolitan France)
"I do not know if the cloth really cleaned the glasses but Syma! and very original."
The 18/09/2015 By (5/5) (Orcier, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 24/08/2015 By (5/5) (La bouverie, Belgium)
The 16/08/2015 By (5/5) (Corgoloin, Metropolitan France)
The 20/07/2015 By (5/5) (Saint-jouan des guerets, Metropolitan France)
"Thinner than the microfiber towel opticians but fine, the images are sharp and clear"
The 17/07/2015 By (5/5) (Colmar, Metropolitan France)
"Very well "
The 13/07/2015 By (4/5) (Marseille, Metropolitan France)
The 18/06/2015 By (5/5) (Talence, Metropolitan France)
"Awesome "
The 09/03/2015 By (5/5) (Tigery, Metropolitan France)
"A great rendering! I recommend"
The 01/03/2015 By (4/5) (Choisy le roi, Metropolitan France)
"Very well done and does its job. I just wish the footprint of the press which served to print the pattern, because the wipe is not entirely smooth."
The 05/01/2015 By (4/5) (Lisses, Metropolitan France)
"Printing very well done, but different framing one I programmed damage."
The 19/12/2014 By (4/5) (Mazingarbe, Metropolitan France)
The 18/12/2014 By (4/5) (St genest lerpt, Metropolitan France)
"In line with my expectations"
The 07/12/2014 By (5/5) (St leu d'esserent, Metropolitan France)
"Very successful, impeccable quality photo printing"
The 25/11/2014 By (4/5) (Sainte foy de peyrolières, Metropolitan France)
"Beautiful engraving"
The 16/10/2014 By (5/5) (Rouans, Metropolitan France)
"Good size ... very nice picture!"
The 29/08/2014 By (4/5) (Caours, Metropolitan France)
"Friendly but poorly towel"
The 03/04/2014 By (5/5) (Toulon, Metropolitan France)
"Product conform to my expectations"
The 19/09/2013 By (5/5) (Thourotte, Metropolitan France)
"Always great"
The 14/05/2013 By (5/5) (Saint vallier, les gautherets, Metropolitan France)
"When I received it was a very nice surprise. Good job! Small flat, the fabric remains badly cut around the edges, but it is quickly forgotten! Good continuation !"
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